Will Tourism Have An Opportunity In The Metaverse?

Many factors indicate that the Metaverse, which is one of the known virtual currencies, will bring success in industrial quantities and equal proportion for all who decide to immerse themselves in this new virtual reality experience.

Although we are in a phase of progressive return to workplaces after the pandemic, regularly resuming daily activities, which have been replaced by remote work, they have not allowed business trips or vacations to be fully reactivated relatives.

Virtual Vacation in the Metaverse

It is a new prospect managed at the level of tour operators, considering that in the future, many people want to make virtual trips through the creation of scenarios based on augmented reality worlds where people could participate and get involved immediately.

All of this is projected into the future; consequently, current technology does not have the minimum requirements to develop an environment where tourism and natural destinations are visually attractive enough; in short, it is not the most appropriate and practical to represent the ideal vacation.

It is evident that technology is taking leaps and bounds, and that is why today we see an industry that was exploited a few years ago but not at the level of now, and this is the video game industry to which it has been added in the cryptocurrency environment, virtual reality and technology at your fingertips through mobile devices.

At this point, tourism operators and agencies are considering the opportunity to be part of the Metaverse that Meta Platforms, Inc. is just beginning to create as a sample of the future of technology and immersive experiences.

One of the closest proposals of the tourism sector concerning virtual reality is the experiences that users can have when taking virtual tours, where they have access to hotels and various destinations, which are visited in 3D form and where many can make payments through digital currencies.

The purchase of virtual land and tourism

Very controversial issues for what it represents at a monetary level, many millions of dollars are being negotiated for these plots of virtual land, not only by individuals but also by large companies.

The fact of not knowing if these investors’ interest in the future technology is focused on what the Metaverse will be or only if it is more profitable for them to enter their virtual worlds, where they can expose the information, has been questioned more products and services that generate income.

The virtual construction of facilities such as hotels, attractive infrastructure, parks, squares, and even natural settings of unparalleled beauty, allow the avatars who enter these worlds to escape from reality and feel that they are in a tourist destination without having to travel.

To reach this point, companies will have to invest considerable sums of money not only in the acquisition of said land but also in the creation of these spaces, in addition to offering the appropriate tools and technologies that allow a virtual reality experience that is real enough to that the audience can recommend the said experience.

This process will require advertising campaigns that are attractive enough to capture people’s attention, where Google and Facebook will be the main driving forces for tourist trips in the Metaverse.

Vintage tourism in the future

The opportunities offered by the Metaverse are not only to live a virtual vacation in the future but also to have the possibility of traveling on a trip to the past through recreation in the virtual worlds of past times that transmit to users the most significant amount of imagery to identify them.

The Metaverse constitutes the digital product with the most significant development and investment in technology; the idea of packing and getting on a plane, train or car to make any trip, whether for business or family vacation, is something that many still do not digest.

It is a parallel world in which people decide to carry out any activity, only the main option is always to enjoy natural spaces of singular beauty; nobody imagines a vacation to the past.

That is why many contexts are intended to be covered with the Metaverse and tourism; it only remains to wait for advances in virtual reality tools that allow human experiences to be made more accurate in a digital ecosystem.


There is an idea that could be evaluated in the future. It is the denied assumption that the environmental conditions were not the most appropriate to carry out a trip, and that is where virtual trips would begin to attract the attention of many people.

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