Why is Fibre Better Than Other Broadband?

This guide looks at that so that you can learn more about fibre and some of the guaranteed benefits that it offers.


One of the reasons why fibre is more powerful than other broadband is because it’s created to improve your bandwidth potential. This means that you’ll get fast and efficient connectivity when using fibre compared to other broadband.

Fast Download/Upload Speeds

The question on what makes fibre broadband better than other broadband has been many people’s discussions. There’s no doubt that fibre embraces the modern technological advancements of the future.

This broadband is unique and it’s level of efficiency is simply unmatched by other broadband. But what exactly makes fibre better than other top broadband in the game?

With improved bandwidth, it becomes easier for fibre to also offer you high upload and download speeds. The technological advancement that fibre uses has the potential to render buffer time a thing of the past.

Whether you are uploading or downloading something, fibre broadband will ensure you do so in a matter of seconds.

Long Haul Network

Because copper internet networks transmit signals from the central office, the network can degrade overtime. On the other hand, fibre was originally created to thrive with distance. In fact, studies show that fibre broadband has the potential to be transmitted up to 25 miles.

And even if you haven’t set up your business for such strong connections, fibre can still secure your signal from degrading.


Fibre is built in a way that it can easily and effectively increase your internet security. Unlike copper cable, fibre optics are hard to intercept and it’s easier to detect any compromised cables faster.

As a result, this experience will help you leverage on your internet security without the fear of cybercrimes.


Interference from radio and other signals make the copper cable less reliable for efficient connectivity. Also, copper cables can easily be intercepted, which can negatively affect your connectivity.

However, this isn’t the case with fibre optics because it’s typically independent. This means that you can always depend on fibre regardless of weather conditions, or any other connectivity disruptions.

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