Which Certification is Best for Blockchain?

Do you know what has become the most trending technology nowadays? Naah, it’s not artificial intelligence or machine learning but the Blockchain. It’s safe to conclude that Blockchain is the hottest gossip among all industries worldwide. Blockchain offers a gamut of exceptional advantages, making it the most preferred transformation in all workplaces.

Unfortunately, the Blockchain domain has a scarcity of experts and specialist employees. So, recruiters warmly welcome candidates holding relevant certificates in their resumes. Do you know what the impact of such a situation is? Well, it increases the value of Blockchain certifications and creates more opportunities for certified individuals.

Hang on! Do you wish to build your career in Blockchain? Certification is the only way out to validate your skills. But which certification is best for Blockchain? That’s a buzzing question nowadays. Don’t worry anymore! Here you will know all about high-yielding Blockchain certifications. All you would require is selecting a suitable one out of them and gaining relevant Blockchain certification training to prepare. So, without any delay, let’s dive in!

Blockchain Certification – What is It?

At this level, some of you might be worried about the meaning of Blockchain certification. So, it becomes essential to discuss what is blockchain certification, after all.

So, what do you mean by blockchain certification? Like any other certification, the ones for Blockchain technology validate your expertise in the domain. It has a definite preparatory pathway for candidates that imparts enough understanding of the technology. After extensive practice, the individuals become set to sit for interviews and crack them by unlocking industry-recognized certificates effortlessly.

Several types of Blockchain exist, each for a specific role in the industry. Also, blockchain certification has several levels which you can choose according to your expertise. So, you can go with the foundational certificates if you are completely novice in the paradigm. Similarly, associate and professional certifications are your game if you hold demonstrated experience in Blockchain.

Why Should You Consider Blockchain Certification?

Blockchain certifications have become the need of the hour. But what makes blockchain certifications so important? Below you will find all the advantages that a blockchain certification unlocks for you.

  • Become More Employable – Many blockchain-driven companies hire certified individuals in their organizations. So, a certification can be a game-changing plan if you wish to pursue your career in Blockchain.
  • Bag Lucrative Opportunities – A blockchain certificate proves your skills before recruiters. You can showcase your certification, unlock groundbreaking avenues, and bag lucrative packages with reputed firms worldwide.
  • Gain Knowledge in the Right Direction – Sometimes, learning can be haphazard if you do not have a goal before you. So, aiming at a blockchain certification orients you in the right direction and prepares you in an organized manner.
  • Explore In-Depth Concepts – When you take a blockchain certification course, you proceed by conquering one level at a time. So, it unlocks in-depth concepts before you step-by-step, and you become more confident in the end.
  • Promotions Become Easy! – You might be working in a firm and craving promotions for a long time. However, you can take a blockchain certification to edge out your competitors and snatch your opportunity for advancement within the organization.

Yes, blockchain certification is your key to several advantages under one roof. Now, let’s get into further details.

What are the Prerequisites to Blockchain Certification?

Are you capable of appearing for a blockchain certification exam? You can measure your fitness by walking through the prerequisites. Blockchain certifications have several conditions that you must meet before taking the exams. Here are the requirements that you must consider before fetching a certification course.

  • The certifications expect you to have foundational technical skills like data structures, cryptography, and distributed systems.
  • Also, it would help if you had some exposure to decentralized applications like Corda, Hyperledger, and Ethereum.
  • Learn the basics about decentralization before getting started with blockchain certification
  • It would be better if you have strong interoperability skills.
  • You must know the applications of Blockchain in small businesses and large enterprises.
  • Although educational qualifications have no significance in blockchain certifications, it might help if you get an undergraduate degree in computer science before taking the course.
  • Besides, you should have a knack for blockchain technology and an eagerness to explore its dimensions.

Top Certification for Blockchain

Enough of suspense! It’s time to reveal the best certifications you can take up to become a certified blockchain expert. Here are the top certificates that candidates and employers prefer. Take a look!

  1. Blockchain Certification Course (CBP) – The Blockchain Certification Course (CBP) provided by the EC Council offers you an understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of Blockchain. Such a delicate balance is sufficient to kickstart your career in the domain.
  2. Professional Certificate Program in Blockchain – This certification program offered by Simplilearn and driven by IIT Kanpur is all that you require to build a rock-solid foundation in Blockchain technology. Also, the prestigious certificate from IIT Kanpur is enough to distinguish your resume from a pool of applicants in a Blockchain job.
  3. Blockchain for Business 2021 – Are you looking for a certification that builds your concepts and walks you through blockchain applications in the industry? The Blockchain for Business 2021 certification course from Udemy is your thing if it’s a yes!
  4. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) – Is architecting robust blockchain solutions your passion? The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) by 101 Blockchains is your game then! This course provides you with a glimpse of the architectural principles using blockchain technology.
  5. Blockchain: Principles and Practices – Pluralsight’s Blockchain: Principles and Practices certification course is the perfect way to launch your journey in blockchain technology. It has a subtle mix of all principles and practices to give you a 360-degree knowledge of the technology.
  6. Blockchain Technology – EdX provides you with a comprehensive certification course to illustrate the foundational blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts. You can take this elementary course to showcase your basic skills in blockchain technology.

That’s all about blockchain certifications and their importance in your career. So, what makes you wait? Choose the best certification course and get started today!

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