The UK’s Biggest Bingo Websites 

Bingo is more popular than ever today, and there’s no shortage of options for those looking to play online. Some of the most popular sites have grown so much in the last few years and only continue to grow as time goes on. It can even be daunting to try and choose when you’re first getting started, since there’s so much choice; today, we’re going to compile the list of the top UK licensed Bingo websites to help you decide which you should use.

Mecca Bingo

The biggest overall site for online bingo in the UK is Mecca Bingo. There are a few different metrics by which you can judge how good a site is, but Mecca Bingo seems to have the most going for it overall. With all kinds of high-quality games including bingo but also slots and other casino games, not to mention a wide variety of banking options and safe, fast withdrawals, Mecca Bingo is simply one of the most comprehensive and well-run sites out there.

Mecca Bingo has some of the best bonuses of any sites, and the sheer number of players in every game means that those jackpots can become truly huge. If you’re just getting started, Mecca Bingo will give you a great overview of what it is you’re looking for in online bingo.

Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo is undoubtedly one of the best and biggest mobile bingo apps available in the UK today. They’re a well-established name with scores of loyal players, known and popular for their soaps themed games such as Emmerdale and Coronation Street. There are no minimum requirements for withdrawals, which is another factor that has increased their popularity: you can play for any amount and cash out at any time!

Gala is another great option for those just getting started, and for those looking to play on mobile, it is probably one of your best options.

PaddyPower Bingo

Another extremely well-established name in the bingo world, and the betting world in general, is PaddyPower Bingo. With great exclusive offers and promotions, as well as some of the biggest jackpots available in online bingo, PaddyPower is a fantastic choice. PaddyPower automatically scores highly on reputability, since they’ve been well known in the betting world for a long time. You’re in safe hands with PaddyPower.

Their current introductory offer is really special, getting a £50 bonus and 100 free spins after spending only £10. For new players, establishing how it all works and how you want to bet is really important, and PaddyPower’s introductory offer gives you great leeway to do this without risking your own money.

Sky Bingo

Another big company with their finger in the Bingo pie is Sky. Sky have been running various betting platforms for years now, and customers are overall very happy with the service they get. Again, with Sky, you know you’re getting reputability; who doesn’t know Sky? Their bingo platform is held to just the same high standard as any other part of their platform.

With more great introductory offers (essentially the same as PaddyPower’s except with a£40 bonus instead of £50), it also gives new players that great incentive to join and learn the games through their free spins.

Sky has a long enough reach in the consumer world that you know you’re guaranteed big prize pots and lots of other players. Sometimes, we’re put off going to do our betting on big platforms, thinking we can get a better deal with something smaller. This is often the case, but you know you’re getting reliability with Sky, and again it’s a great way to learn the game.

Dotty Bingo

Undoubtedly one of the biggest and most popular betting sites out there, Dotty Bingo has garnered thousands of positive reviews online and is available wherever you want to play it, whether on your computer, your tablet or your phone. With more great promotional offers and bonuses, huge prize pools and variety of games, Dotty Bingo is certainly one of the biggest bingo sites available today, with a fantastic user rating and overall experience.

Dotty Bingo brings together the trust in the brand that you would get from Sky or PaddyPower with the design and innovation of a company whose main product is bingo games. Dotty Bingo has the expertise of a big company and the innovation of a smaller one all at the same time. We definitely recommend dotty bingo for new and old players.

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