What is Electronics Engineering Technology?

Specialists and people related to electronics engineering technology seldom use this term. Instead, they say EET for short when speaking about things that surround everyone. One cannot read this article without innovations connected to this sphere. Computers, smartphones, tablets, iPad, players, and other products serve as entertainment, communication tools, learning and teaching equipment, and research instruments.

Students around the globe understand the value of this science for the world economy and want to master it. They enter universities that teach STEM subjects to become engineers, technicians, or technologists. Those who face difficulties ask for help with engineering assignments so as not to lose an opportunity to become the world-best experts. So, what do they do? Why is this discipline so valuable for countries?

Is There Any Difference Between Technicians and Technologists?

Many people spot zero difference between technicians, engineers, and technologists. They think that one person can provide different services that deal with digital, electric, logistic, and network systems. Indeed, those are three different professions. For example, a company needs to develop a vehicle that can deliver big parcels quickly without excessive amounts of petrol and the human workforce being involved. What will everyone do?

  1. Engineers will think about how to create this vehicle. They will develop designs and analyze information to avoid mistakes. Besides, engineers will take responsibility for all projects, including this one. In other words, the main homework of an engineer will be connected with theory.
  2. Technologists will study the ready project and try to implement it. They will create details and construct tools. Their job will be to turn paper drawings and virtual projections into a real device. They will test, evaluate, analyze, and produce this vehicle. So, their core assignment will be practice.
  3. Technicians will deal with the created product and test it again to make sure that everything works as it must. They will fix inconsistencies and take care of the proper functionality of the vehicle. So, their service involves both theory and practice.

As far as one can see, a product undergoes several stages before entering the world market. It is impossible to charge one person with all the above-presented tasks. That is why EET involves teams of experts who help each other in order to prevent errors and guarantee the safe and long-life functionality of tools, buildings, robots, vehicles, and other related innovations.

What Facts Prove That EET is not a New Discipline?

People meet engineering products daily. First engineering innovations date back to ancient times. Those who have visited Egypt have enjoyed magnificent constructions called pyramids. Another great example of ancient engineering technology is the Great Wall of China.

The Middle Era brought mechanisms that humanity still uses in wall clocks or engines with mechanical controls. Renaissance engineers created steam engines, submarines, and the first printing machines that let people read printed periodicals.

Today, engineers, technicians, and technologists study the experience of the past to create the technology of the future. Innovations are becoming more complex due to the digitalization and involvement of artificial intelligence. Instead of mechanical control, they start using more computing processes that a user can easily utilize. It is simpler to press a button to start a car than to use a key.

Is EET Important for the World and How Demanded are Connected Professions?

According to the annual report that the American Congress accepts yearly, the number of EET specialists is growing every year. More and more students want to get a scientific degree in this area. It is explained by the requirements of the fast-paced world. EET is a profitable sphere, and the assistance of its specialists is highly valued.

Interesting fact! The average salary of an engineering technician is almost $30 per hour. Today, nobody doubts the popularity of IT experts, but their top salary is $25 per hour. 

Unfortunately, not everyone understands the difference between the responsibilities of a technician and a technologist. People often refer them to male professions having zero knowledge about the requirements of the profession. A person can acquire one of the following careers in electronics engineering technology:

  • electrical design drafter
  • structural industrial engineer
  • instrument technician
  • industrial engineer (material manager or project engineer)
  • safety coordinator.

What Does a Person Need to Become an EET Professional?

People built pyramids without education and used simple tools. Today, it is impossible to get a highly paid job without a certificate and a diploma. So, first, a person needs to enter a college or university. The minimum educational term is four years. Besides, a student needs to know Mathematics and Science. Depending on the chosen career path, a person should study either Theoretical or Practical Maths and  Applied Science.

Except for engineering, students might become excellent helpers. Today, many companies help students graduate from colleges and universities without bad grades and procrastinated or low-quality homework. They can explain your home assignments in simple words to let you understand what is required and how to perform it. Besides, they deal with projects, term papers, dissertations, labs, presentations, and other STEM academic homework that is typical for EET.

Finally, a good EET specialist must possess the following skills.

  • Math skills. It is impossible to become an engineer, a technician, or a technologist without calculations, measurements, and basic arithmetical operations.
  • Timing skills. It involves detailed planning, so one should be an advanced time manager. Every employer wants to get projects, their realization, and the results of their testing on time.
  • Writing skills. EET is a costly area. Bosses, subordinates, and team members have to communicate. Except for oral discussions, much writing work is expected as well. That is why an employee must be ready to provide a proposal, recommendation, or demand properly. To be honest, literacy is essential everywhere.
  • Attentiveness. EET experts must be attentive to each detail. “My project is correct. Why doesn’t it work?” Attentive specialists can solve this problem quickly. They possess excellent analytical skills and can find errors quickly.
  • Teambuilding. As it has been said, engineers, technicians, and technologists work together. Successful partnership results in high-quality products that are performed on time.
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