What Is the Best Wallet to Sell Bitcoin?

Although cryptocurrencies seemed sure to be a passing fad just a few years ago, they have now become widely embraced — this not long over a decade since their introduction. Major companies now happily accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies as a means of payment. In addition, cryptos like Bitcoin have continually been gaining value overall, despite some wild fluctuations from time to time.

As an investor in Bitcoin and other cryptos, you need to choose a reliable exchange or platform. This platform will be where you will buy the assets, and some exchanges provide a wallet to securely store and safeguard your coins.  The wallet keeps the secret private code or key that you use to access your cryptocurrencies and make transactions. You also use your wallet to trade with your digital currencies, by selling and receiving the coins. Because there are many wallets, you need to ask yourself: what is the best wallet to buy Bitcoin?

Here Are Some Of The Best Wallets To Sell Bitcoin:


Beginners in cryptocurrency can find Coinbase to be a good starting point. Investors can download a wallet as an iOS or Android app. The best thing is that it has an intuitive interface and integrates fully with the Coinbase exchange — simplifying transactions such as buying tokens and coins with fiats like USD.

The Coinbase wallet is non-custodial — meaning that only you can access the private key to your wallet, but the exchange is not. Therefore, users need to differentiate between storing coins on the Coinbase’s exchange and in the wallet. However, the easy integration between the wallet and the exchange makes it easy to transfer assets back and forth.


Investors in Turkey can simply walk into NakitCoin’s offices to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptos using their NakitCoins wallet because the exchange has a physical office in the country that offers cash-crypto exchange services. Customers or users of this exchange can also transact online as it is also a decentralized exchange.

The beauty of the wallet from NakitCoins is that you can transact using your bank card and you can receive funds through it, as well as use other payment methods without any issues. Users can install the mobile app on their mobile devices and start transacting, allowing them to monitor the market and take advantage of the best prices. The wallet is also non-custodial allowing instant transactions.


Are you a newbie to crypto and wondering, “What is the best wallet to sell Bitcoin?” You need not look far because you can count on Exodus. This is both a mobile and desktop wallet and comes with a user-friendly interface as well as a built-in exchange.

The wallet offers the great advantage of being able to swap Bitcoin with other many upcoming coins. The advantages of the Exodus wallet for beginners include its simplicity and the excellent customer support that is crucial for beginners due to the confusion in the market and its complexity at times. Unfortunately, the Exodus wallet and exchange lacks some crucial features for advanced users — for example, it’s a closed source wallet meaning it’s not open to others to review its code and creates a slight security concern.


If you wanted to know the best wallet to sell Bitcoin, you have learned about some options in this article and you now have a good starting point. As you choose a wallet you need to consider several things such as the security of your assets and the fees charged.

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