How to Watch The Snail and the Whale Anywhere Free Online!

Looking to keep the kids entertained for a few moments of peace over Christmas break?The BBC is broadcastingthe latest Julia Donaldson and Axel Schaffer adaptation,The Snail and the Whale.

The delightful story of an adventurous snail that hitches a ride on a whale so she can see the world features the vocal talents of Sally Hawkins, Rob Brydon, and Dame Diana Rigg.

It sounds amazing, butwhat if you’re not in the UK where the BBC broadcasts?Will you and the little ones miss out? Of course not!

With a premium VPN, you can access the BBC’s content from anywherethrough its streaming service, BBC iPlayer. Better yet, streaming withBBC iPlayer is absolutely free.

A premium VPN allows you to watch The Snail and The Whaleby giving you a UK IP address, which is the key to unlocking BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world.I suggest NordVPNfor unblocking the streaming site. It also has the fastest speeds available for content streaming.

Click here to get straight to the other VPNs I recommend for streaming The Snail and the Whale on BBC iPlayer.

PRO TIP:Do you need a UK TV license to unblock BBC iPlayer? Actually no, BBC iPlayer operates an honor system. Before The Snail and the Whale starts playing, a popup asks if you have a TV license. Click “I Have a TV License” and then the show will start streaming, no matter where you are.

You may be asked for a UK postcode when signing up for BBC iPlayer which looks like this one for Buckingham Palace: SW1A 1AA.

Why You Need A VPN to Watch The Snail and the Whale

Only users in the UK can access BBC iPlayer,as geo-restrictions are in place to prevent anyone outside the country from streaming its content.

Attempt to use a non-UK IP addressto access BBC iPlayer andgeoblocks will stand firmly in your way.You’re blocked from streaming anything on BBC iPlayer, including The Snail and the Whale.

Blast through these geographical blocks with a premium VPN.A top-notch VPN masks your real location byconcealing your IP address, encrypting your data and sending it through a secure serverin a country of your choice.

With a VPN, obtaining a UK IP address is easy.Simply use it to connect to a UK server and you’re in and able tounblock BBC iPlayer from anywhere,even from countries with strict censorship laws.

Not every VPN can overcome the geo-restrictions of streaming services, like BBC iPlayer.

You can boost your chances bychoosing a top-rated VPN with a huge network of high-speed servers.This is because the more servers a VPN has for you to choose from, the more regularly updated IP addresses are at your fingertips.

Only premium VPNs can beat anti-VPN technology,which many streaming services employ to block those using VPNs. This technology can usuallydetect low-quality VPNs,and then you’re out of luck.

That’s Not All a VPN Can Do

Premium VPNs offer the ideal solution for streaming blocked global content from anywherein the world. But there’s more to VPNs than just the ability to stream without limits.

The best way toguarantee your safety online is with a VPN.With the likes of malware trolls, cybercriminals, and identity thefts becoming more advanced in their methods,VPNs provide you an extra layer of security.

VPNs put your data far out of reach of malicious third parties by protecting it with military-grade encryptionthat’s uncrackable, even to the most skilled hackers.

Your privacy and online anonymity get the best protection, too, which is optimal if you live in a country with strict censorship laws, or youdon’t want your internet service provider (ISP),government, or other third partiestracking you online.

You’re evenprotected when streaming or browsing in cafes or pubs on unsecured public WiFi networks,which cyberthieves love to target.

3 Best VPNs for Watching The Snail and the Whale

NordVPN offersgreat server variety for overcoming BBC iPlayer’s geoblocks with over 550 locations in the UK.With this premium VPN, you can watch The Snail and the Whale from anywhere!

Blistering speeds and no bandwidth throttlingguarantees smooth streaming so you won’t miss a minute of The Snail and the Whale’s marvelous journey.

Supporting a wide range of devices, each NordVPN app includesSmartPlay technology, which helps overcome the toughest of geographical blocks.Expect a reliable connection with any streaming service, including BBC IPlayer and others, such as HBO GO and Hulu.

Military-grade AES 256-bit encryption protects your identity and online activity,creating an impenetrable shield against hackers and cybercriminals. NordVPN offerstwice the encryption with its unique Double VPN, by tunneling your data through two secure servers. Not one, but two!

NordVPN is registered in Panama, which is far from data retention laws. This means it can operateazero-logging policy.As a result,none of your personal data or browsing logs stay on the server,so there’s nothing to hand over or sell to third parties.

Not only does your online activity, including your secret love for children’s animation stay private, but yourdevices get the protection of the CyberSec suite.Itblocks viruses and other malware,as well as any other compromising content from infecting your devices. Plus, CyberSec makes those awfulpopup ads a thing of the past.

With live chat available 24/7,support staff can resolve any questions you may have quickly.

Stream with NordVPN to your heart’s content on up tosix simultaneous devices,and take advantage ofthe 30-day money-back guarantee.That’s a whole month of a premium service, completely risk-free.

If you rate NordVPN as highly as I do and would like to sign up, first check outour coupons to save.

Stream The Snail and the Whale with ExpressVPN, and itslightning-fast speeds will make buffering, lag, and frozen pixels nonexistent.Unlimited bandwidth and no throttling allow you tostream as much as you like.

An impressive global network of more than3,000 servers– with many locations in the UK – makesunblocking BBC iPlayerand other streaming services a breeze.

Stream on devices without an ExpressVPN app using theMediaStreamer feature.It allows you tostream securely on some devices that don’t support VPNs.

No outside parties can track what you’re up to online asyour activity hides behind a wall of robust military-grade encryption.Plus, you don’t have to worry about a loss of privacy from DNS inquires outside your VPN tunnel, thanks toDNS leak protection.

Additional advanced security features includecross-platform support for OpenVPN and a strict no-logs policy.Plus, an automatic kill switchprevents your data from being visible on the open webby cutting your internet connection if your link to ExpressVPN suddenly drops.

If you have an issue that you can’t solve by yourself, you can get help around the clock with ExpressVPN’s24/7 live chat customer support.

Put ExpressVPN through its paces witha 30-day money-back guaranteeand do so on up tofive simultaneous device connections.The whole family can stream The Snail and the Whale on their tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and more!

If ExpressVPN passes the test on speed, performance, and security, get agreat discount on your subscription.

Check out our thorough expert review of ExpressVPNto learn all there is to know about the premium VPN.

BBC iPlayer’s geo-restrictions are no match for CyberGhost’snearly 700 servers in the UK.

High speeds, servers optimized for streaming, and no limits on bandwidthguarantee smooth streaming of The Snail and the Whale from anywhere.No lag, no buffering, and no long loading times.

Stream with peace of mind you’re completelyprotected with the might of military-grade encryptionand support for OpenVPN – the industry-standard encryption protocol.

You never have to fret about the safety of your personal data.Military-grade 256-bit encryptionputs it far out of the reach of hackers.

Eventhe sneakiest of cybercriminals can’t spy on you.Your steaming, browsing, and downloading history is for your eyes only.

With CyberGhost,your data and identity never find their way onto the open, unsecured web, thanks toan automatic kill switchand leak-proof apps.

You can stream and surf without any thoughts that CyberGhost hands over your online data or browsing logs to the government or anyone else, as itoperates a zero-logging policy.

CyberGhost’ssimple setup and intuitive, easy-to-use apps make it a choice VPN for first-timers. Test out how user-friendly CyberGhost is for yourself with the generous45-day money-back guarantee.If you like what you see, save some money on yourCyberGhost subscription.

No matter what kind of plan you choose, you get to stream and surf on up toseven devices at once!Share your subscription with everyone so they can keep up the snail’s whale-riding adventures.

Live chat is available to help,just in case you do run into connection issues or you need to find out what other streaming sites it unblocks, besides BBC iPlayer.

In Conclusion

Unblock BBC iPlayer and stream The Snail and the Whale from anywhere with a premium VPN.

With speed and performance that’s hard to beat, My#1 recommendation is NordVPNfor streaming The Snail and the Whale. You’re assuredrobust security features and a vast network of UK serversfor safe and smooth streaming.

The top-shelf security features of a premium VPN, including unbreakable military-grade encryption,protect your privacy and your sensitive informationfrom prying eyes.

If you want to know more about thebenefits of a premium VPN, check out our informative article.

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