Unbelievable Advances in Gaming Technology

Gaming is an ancient activity that has undergone a vigorous evolution process here in Portugal. There have been tremendous improvements in the gaming world, and all signs point to a better gaming experience soon. These advances in gaming are a great tool to ensure that not only are more people playing games but also enjoying the experience.

New technological improvements have ensured the safety of the player while playing games. Based on our interaction with our gaming expert Victoria Oliveira (check profile), here is a qualitative review of some of the unbelievable new gaming technology that the world is experiencing:

High Definition Displays

One of the most unbelievable advances in the gaming world has to be high-definition displays. The introduction of ultra 4K gaming is unbelievable. A game to be played or viewed in 4K requires a 4K enabled device. This, in layman terms, means a device that is capable of displaying 4000 megapixels.

This is an unbelievable quality of pictures that are crisp and high definition. Smart TVs and laptops that are 4K compatible are available on the Portuguese market. A downside to this is that the devices are quite expensive, but their prices are expected to fall as time goes by. The 4K resolution is an improvement from the 1080 megapixels resolution.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is a major advancement in the gaming and gambling worlds. Mobile compatibility is an important consideration for Portuguese online gamers if betclic casino review is anything to go by. The smartphone has greatly improved the number of people who play online as it is a portable form of gaming.

This means that you no longer need to be glued to your tv and console for you to play. The smartphone ensures that you keep playing on the go. Life in Portugal may be hectic as you juggle from one job to the other. Your smartphone ensures that the little time you get while traveling in the metro is utilized by gaming.

VR Compatible Games

VR is a common abbreviation for virtual reality. What may once have been the possibility of what the future video game technology could be is now a reality. This new form of technology creates an artificial environment for the player through virtual reality devices like virtual reality goggles for helmets. This form of gaming immerses you in the game, making you feel like you are in the game. It is an unbelievable advance in gaming technology here in Portugal, with virtual reality games being developed every day.

Wearable Gaming

Wearable gaming is a trend that is becoming more common for gamers in Portugal. Initially, wearables were developed for fitness applications. Wearables include glasses, smartwatches, and smart gloves. Wearable gaming immerses you in the game by making your body a virtual console. This is one of the most entertaining forms of gaming currently in Portugal.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is an unbelievable advancement in the gaming world. Games are generally big files that have a lot of hardware and software requirements to play. This is because your computer is required to have a lot of space on it and runs a powerful processor to accommodate the graphics of the game. However, this is a thing of the past as the introduction of cloud gaming means that you do not require all these. Through cloud gaming, you are in a position to play a game on the cloud without using your computer’s space, processor, or memory.

Gesture Controlled Gaming

Gesture-controlled games are a new kind of game that does not require a console to play. Using gestures from your hand or face, you can make commands to the game without using a console. This form of technology immerses you in the game as you take full control of it. It also saves on money that would otherwise be used to purchase a console.

Voice Recognition Games

Voice recognition has been with us for a moment. It has been used in different sectors like banking and automotive. This is also the case with gaming. Games that have voice recognition continue to be developed as the days go by. These games limit the use of a console by putting in commands using your voice to control the game.


Above are some of the unbelievable advancements in gaming technology here in Portugal. As the gaming world continues to experience new developments, we can only hope that the future of video game technology will be brighter.

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