Top Best Beauty Apps for Android

Wish to become a pro in doing professional makeup on your own? Makeup can be quite fun to do if done in the right manner. However, it could be quite difficult to analyze the right products and the right amount of makeup that could suit your skin tone the best. You can become your own makeup artist and hairstylist with the help of your smartphone as well. Sounds amusing? The recent smartphones come with several options to download the latest and the best beauty apps for Android smartphones.

Even if you are a pro or a beginner in gaining expertise in the field of makeup and beauty in general, there is always scope for learning something new with these Android beauty apps. Here are the top beauty tips apps for your Android smartphone.

Best Beauty Apps For Android

ModiFace Makeup

ModiFace can be regarded as one of the best beauty apps for Android smartphone users. In addition to the Android users, the iPhone, as well as the Windows users, can be benefited of this excellent beauty app. ModiFace Makeup is an app that allows the users to undergo a virtual makeover to a completely new level. There are several state-of-the-art makeup simulations, cosmetic colors, and attractive makeover effects. The users can try several cosmetic hues and colors in a matter of few seconds. In addition to the makeover, the users can also try more than 40 celebrity hairstyles. You can also add several attractive accessories like earrings, jewels, sunglasses and much more.

The best feature of this beauty app is that it has a simple interface and is highly user-friendly. The users can either take a picture from their smartphone camera or can select an image from the gallery. Then from the huge database of the various options for attractive makeovers, you can choose your favorite style and then implement it on your picture.

The Glam App

This beauty app has been developed by a renowned makeup artist and celebrity hairstylist Joey Maalouf and blogger/actress Cara Santana. This is one of the best beauty apps for Android smartphone that you can add to your queue of the beauty apps. The best feature of this beauty app is that it works with an assortment of freelance artists and stylists that offer expert advice on hair, makeup and nail services on your smartphone. Whether you need a complete makeover, you can glam up your look with this excellent beauty app for the smartphone users.

L’oreal Makeup Genius

As the name implies, L’oreal –the leading name in the makeup industry has launched its first-ever virtual makeup tester “Makeup Genius”. Unlike several other makeup and beauty apps, Makeup Genius by L’oreal allows you to take a quick selfie and then upload the image for an instant makeover. The functioning of the Makeup Genius by L’oreal works like a video camera with the help of the front camera of your smartphone. The app is highly smart as it scans as many as 64 points of the face to give the perfect touch to the lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, blush, and liner. This exclusive makeover technology is the unique feature offered by any makeup or beauty app.

Pretty in My Pocket

As exciting is the name, this beauty app is equally interesting. It is really disheartening to spend exorbitant amounts on expensive beauty products and bring it home to find that it was simply not worth the price. It is quite difficult to analyze the reviews when you are at the store to purchase the beauty products. This is where Pretty in My Pocket smartphone app comes to your rescue. You can take your smartphone to the store with this app installed on your phone. With this beauty app, you can scan any product and it will present you with several reviews about the particular product. It would be, therefore, easier for you to get the accurate review of a particular beauty product with the help of this app.

YouCam Makeup

This beauty app can also be considered to be one of the best beauty apps out there in the niche for all the Android smartphone users. You can be amazed by the plethora of beauty makeover and hairstyling options that this app has to offer to its users. With the help of this digital makeup app, you can create your personalized makeup looks, change hairstyles along with hair color. All of this can happen in real time on your smartphone. You can also record a makeover mashup video with the help of this excellent app to impart yourself a flawless and celebrity look in no matter of time.


This is another powerful and fun selfie and portrait image editor. This beauty and makeover app provides several easy-to-use and powerful tools for getting the perfect and flawless look. After editing, your image would look like an image straight from the fashion magazine. You can also share the favorite look instantly with the help of this innovative beauty app for the Android smartphone.

Facial Massage

Amongst all the available beauty and makeup apps, this app is slightly different and comes with an innovative approach. This app serves as a real-time guidance that comes with animations for different movements for the ease of the users. The app also comes with detailed audio as well as text instructions. It will map your face entirely for 100% precision with the help of the front camera. With the help of this app, you can learn effective massage movements to combat the fine lines, stimulate the skin metabolic activity, and restore the muscle tone of the face. In addition to this, this app can also help you in lifting the facial contours and regaining the natural beauty of the skin. The app has a plethora of effective and natural beauty as well as skincare tips that can help you to achieve the desired radiant skin.

You Makeup – Makeup in Fotos

This is another powerful and interactive beauty tips app that has an array of exciting makeup looks and effects to transform your normal image into that of a celebrity look. The app comes with a smart face recognition system that can detect the facial features much quickly and can help you get the desired makeover in no matter of time. With several makeup effects, you can customize the overall look and can impart yourself a celebrity look with much ease. With the immense variety of effects, you can change the color of skin, the color of lips, and even the shape of your eyebrow. You can also share the desired fashionable makeover on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so more.

With so many amazing beauty apps for Android smartphone, you can make the rightmost choice about the best beauty tips app for yourself. You can achieve the desired makeover look or the favorite look of your most sought-after celebrity with much ease and in no time with the help of these beauty apps. You are all set to go on your own!

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