Tech Trends of the Future that Deserve Your Attention

The end of the year is a good time to remember what trends and techs dominated 2021 and make some predictions about the upcoming year. Today’s article, provided courtesy of, will help you get a sneak peek into the future of software development.

# 1 Artificial Intelligence will Penetrate Deeper into Everyday Life

2022 will undoubtedly see new ways to implement AI in business application development. And for now, the main players in the industry are Google and Facebook. Developed by Google, TensorFlow has become the most in-demand deep learning library and is projected to remain highly popular during the next year.  Its main competitor, Facebook’s PyTorch library, is also gaining more popularity and has all chances to overtake TensorFlow quite soon.

Neural network manufacturers will continue to create products using Model Zoo, which would allow them to make a commercial AI application on top of a ready-made solution. Due to the development of the industry, the maximum automation of communication between customers and business will take place. Simple chatbots will give way to AI chatbots with voice menu support.

# 2 Python will Continue to Grow in Popularity

Python is conquering the world steadily and confidently. The ranking service of programming languages ​​awarded it the third place on the list of the most popular programming languages. Python is also highly rated in the summary GitHub report, which is also suggestive of its growing popularity.

Among the programming languages that are poised to remain in demand in the next couple of years are Kotlin, JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, C ++, C #, TypeScript, Shell, and Ruby.

#3 There will be More Integration Between Projects

Last years’ Github reports emphasize that all successful software development projects are mainly the products of joint effort. And today, it is easier than ever to find a great development team to help you in designing your app, b2b platform, or any other software product for your business. It comes as no surprise that collaboration approaches are rapidly evolving, as well. The majority of new IT companies don’t shy away from enlisting the help of outside development teams to speed up the development process and reduce costs. In the new realm, software development is no longer associated with the ability to write code, but also the ability to effectively communicate and negotiate with project owners. And this trend seems to be making its way into the upcoming year.

# 4 The Number of Devices Supporting VR, AR and MR will Grow

The next year will see further improvements in hardware designed for AR, VR and MR. New displays of smaller size and higher resolution will hit the market and possibly surprise users with their affordable prices. There also will be new device chipsets. Devices will more often be manufactured with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi-6 routers. This will improve the data transfer rate. Entering information and managing devices will gradually become more intuitive.

There will be more gadgets with VR, AR and MR support in 2022. Thanks to the release of more powerful smartphones, the emergence of new processors, folding screens, strong sensors, full support for 5G won’t also be long in coming.  In the coming years, a new category of AR products, holographic screens, will hit the market and win over new users.

There also will be a trend towards the creation of deep fake videos with virtual people that will be generated by AI. Deep fake videos will also become more of a customer service, and the virtual humans techs will be massively adopted by industries.

Further improvements will take place in the field of kinesthetic communication, also known as 3D touch. So, manufacturers will continue developing haptic suits, gloves, and other wearables that will help people recreate the sense of touch through forces, motions, and vibrations.

VR , MR, and AR will make further inroads into healthcare, manufacturing, and education. Business will solve specific problems through augmented and mixed reality technologies. The coming year will see a considerable rise in virtual stores where customers can try on clothes and websites offering virtual apartment or sightseeing tours.

# 5 Billions of Devices will Connect to the Internet of Things (IoT)

According to Sebastian Thrun, a former professor of computer science and electrical engineering at Stanford, in the not too distant future, every device, piece of clothing, and even foods will be provided with a unique IPv6 address, which will make it possible for each object in existence to communicate with others. The Internet of Things industry continues to grow rapidly thanks to the development of cloud technologies and an increasing number of gadgets connected to the Internet. According to IDC, global investment in IoT solutions will rise to approximately $ 2.4 trillion in 2022, which makes the IoT worth your attention and investment.

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