5 Easy Methods to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Devices


Samsung devices are designed with multiple functionalities. Capturing a screenshot of your device is one such task that you might need to execute from time to time. Here are five easy methods that can assist in capturing screenshots on Samsung devices.

  1. Simultaneously press the power and volume down buttons. This is the most basic method available on all Samsung models. Alternatively, swipe down the notification panel and click on the screen capture icon.
  2. Use Palm Swipe Gesture mode by navigating to “Advanced Features” under “Settings.” Enable the feature and swipe your palm across the screen to capture a screenshot.
  3. Use Bixby Voice Assistant by saying any voice command related to taking a screenshot or asking Bixby directly.
  4. Samsung owners with an upgraded version of Android can activate Google Assistant by holding down the home button or using a voice command.
  5. Finally, use Smart Capture for advanced editing of captured images from Samsung. Simply take a screenshot using any of the above methods and click on “Edit” when prompted.

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Capture the moment with these 5 easy methods to screenshot on your Samsung device, because memories fade but screenshots last forever.

Methods to take a screenshot on Samsung devices

Samsung Screenshot: 5 Simple ways to Capture Your Device Screen

Capturing a screenshot on a Samsung device can come in handy in diverse situations. Whether you want to share your high score in a game, display a problem to tech support, or save a recipe, taking a screenshot is easy. Here are five simple ways to capture your device screen on a Samsung smartphone or tablet.

  1. Use the buttons – Hold the power button and the volume down button simultaneously for a few seconds and release. A preview of the screenshot will appear for you to edit or share.
  2. Use hand gestures – Go to Settings, Advanced features, and enable Palm swipe to capture. Swipe the edge of your palm horizontally across the screen, from right to left or left to right, to take a screenshot.
  3. Use Bixby – Say “Hi Bixby, take a screenshot” to activate Bixby and take a screenshot hands-free.
  4. Use Smart Select – Go to Air Command by hovering your S Pen over the screen and select Smart Select. Choose the shape of the screen area you want to capture, and it will save as an image that you can edit or share.
  5. Use an app – Download a third-party app like Screenshot Easy or AZ Screen Recorder that offers additional features and lets you take screenshots with just a tap or a shake.

Tap into the versatility of your Samsung device by using these simple methods to capture screenshots in an instant. Remember, it’s always handy to know how to take a screenshot before you need it.

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Who needs a camera when you’ve got the power of the Power and Volume Down buttons to capture any screen moment on your Samsung device?

Using the Power and Volume Down Buttons

Capturing screen on Samsung devices can be effortlessly done using the Power and Volume Down buttons. Here’s how:

  1. Open the screen you want to capture.
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button.
  3. Hold both buttons until a shutter sound or a flash appears on the screen indicating that a screenshot has been taken.
  4. The captured image gets automatically saved in Gallery under Screenshots folder.
  5. You can edit, crop, share or delete it as per your requirements.

In addition to this method, Samsung devices also provide alternatives like using gestures or pairing Bluetooth stylus with your device for taking screenshots.

Don’t miss out on capturing important information or moments. Utilize these easy methods of taking screenshots on Samsung devices and keep important records.

Who needs opposable thumbs when you can use your entire palm to take a screenshot on your Samsung device?

Using Palm Swipe to Capture

To grab a screenshot using a hand gesture, swipe the screen with your palm. This method is known as ‘Palm Gesture for Capturing.’

  1. Navigate to the specific app or page that you want to capture on your Samsung device.
  2. Next, extend your hand, making sure it covers the entire width of the device screen’s cross-section.
  3. Then hold and swipe across the display from right to left or from left to right without lifting your hand.
  4. You’ll now hear the camera shutter sound or see an animation that confirms you’ve taken a snapshot successfully.
  5. Retrieve the captured image from your Gallery’s ‘Screenshots folder’.

In addition, avoid tilting your fingers when performing this feature. Palm gestures have been disabled by default on some Samsung devices like Note 20 Ultra but can be activated through settings.

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Capture your screen like a pro with Smart Capture, because sometimes a picture is worth a thousand ‘I don’t believe you’s’.

Using Smart Capture

Smart Capture function on Samsung devices can be used to take screenshots with additional features. Here is a guide on how to utilize it effectively.

  1. Open the screen which you want to capture.
  2. Locate and press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
  3. Tap the scroll capture option that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Keep scrolling down until you have captured the whole page, or tap Save if capturing a specific portion of it.
  5. Select any option you want like cropping, drawing, or writing on your screenshot using toolbar options at the bottom.
  6. Press Save or Share, whichever you choose, when finished editing.

It’s essential to note that Smart Capture is only available on selected Samsung devices with updated software versions.

To make precise edits more manageable, it’s crucial to use an S-pen as it provides better control over lines and shapes when drawing and utilizing other tools provided by Smart Capture.

By following this guide, capturing multiple-page documents will become more accessible than ever before without having to take multiple screenshots manually. Moreover, users can draw diagrams and write directly onto their screenshot with ease.

If you’re feeling lazy, just let Bixby do the screenshotting for you – because sometimes even lifting a finger can be too strenuous.

Using Bixby Voice

Voice command screenshot capture is a convenient way to take an image of your Samsung screen. Without touching your phone, you can say the magic words and snap a screenshot. To initiate this process, use a voice command trigger tailored to suit your preferences, whether it’s ‘Bixby camera,’ ‘Hey Bixby,’ or something else entirely.

Once the voice command is set up, simply say the phrase while the page or item you’d like to capture is displayed, and Bixby Voice will instantly capture an image of that screen. The screenshot can then be saved on your device’s gallery or shared through various platforms as desired.

It’s worth noting that the voice recognition feature does require proper pronunciation for best results and may not work flawlessly in noisy environments. However, once mastered, using voice commands for screenshots on Samsung devices can save time and hassle compared to other methods.

According to Samsung support pages, to use Bixby Voice for screenshots on newer devices like Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G or Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G:

  1. Make sure that you have already set up the Bixby Voice wake-up feature.
  2. When you’re ready to take a screenshot, activate Bixby Voice by either pressing and holding down the Side key (Power/Bixby key) until Bixby launches or by saying “Hi, Bixby.”
  3. Once active with “Hi,Bixby,” simply say “Take a screenshot” and wait for it!

Google Assistant: The digital genie that grants your wish for a screenshot, even if it means sacrificing a thousand ‘Hey Googles’.

Using Google Assistant

With the help of an intelligent AI voice assistant, Google Assistant, taking screenshots on Samsung devices has become a lot easier. Here’s how you can take a screenshot on your Samsung device using Google Assistant.

  1. Open Google Assistant by long-pressing the home button or saying “Hey, Google“.
  2. Say “Take a Screenshot” to activate the feature.
  3. Your device will capture the screenshot automatically.
  4. You will then get sharing options for the screenshot.
  5. Select the option of your preference and save/share the screenshot with ease.

In addition to its simplicity, using Google Assistant is speedy compared to other traditional methods like buttons. With accurate voice recognition and minimal setup procedures, this nifty approach will come in handy at all times.

To avail of this feature, ensure that Google Assistant is enabled in your device’s settings. Additionally, speaking clearly and enunciating words correctly is essential for an effortless process.

Go ahead, take a screenshot of this article as a reminder of all the times you’ve needed to capture your Samsung screen.


Samsung users can capture their device screens effortlessly with the help of a few easy methods. The following section highlights these alternative ways to take screenshots that anyone can use without breaking a sweat.

One popular option is the traditional method of pressing the power button and volume down button simultaneously, while some models offer different key combinations. Another simple way is through hand gesture controls or using a voice command feature. Users can also use third-party apps available on Google Play Store if they are looking for different features such as choosing an image format or editing tools.

Moreover, Samsung smartphones have now integrated screen-recording features to enable recording of content on your display with audio and other customization options. With these convenient options at your disposal, you are guaranteed quality screenshots at any time of the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I take a screenshot on my Samsung device?

A: There are five easy methods to take a screenshot on Samsung devices. You can use the button combination, palm swipe, Bixby voice command, Smart Select tool, or scroll capture feature.

Q: What is the button combination to take a screenshot on Samsung devices?

A: To take a screenshot using the button combination, press and hold the power button and volume down button at the same time until the screen flashes. The screenshot will be saved in your Gallery app.

Q: How do I use the palm swipe feature to take a screenshot on Samsung devices?

A: To use the palm swipe feature, go to Settings > Advanced features > Motions and gestures > Palm swipe to capture. Once enabled, swipe your hand across the screen from right to left or vice versa to capture a screenshot.

Q: Can I use Bixby voice command to take a screenshot on Samsung devices?

A: Yes, you can use Bixby voice command by saying “Hey, Bixby, take a screenshot” or “Hi, Bixby, capture the screen”.

Q: What is the Smart Select tool and how do I use it to take a screenshot on Samsung devices?

A: The Smart Select tool is a feature that allows you to create a customized screenshot by selecting a specific area of the screen. To use it, open the Air Command menu (by holding the S Pen button or swiping in from the edge of the screen) and select Smart Select. Then, use the S Pen to draw around the area you want to capture. You can also choose from different shapes, such as rectangular or oval.

Q: What is scroll capture and how do I use it to take a screenshot on Samsung devices?

A: Scroll capture is a feature that allows you to capture an entire webpage or document by scrolling down. To use it, take a screenshot using any of the above methods, then tap on “Capture more” or “Scroll capture” (depending on your device). Keep tapping until you have captured everything you want, then tap “Done”. The scroll capture screenshot will be saved in your Gallery app.

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