Elden Ring: Should I Kill The Giant Jar?

This year, FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment will release Elden Ring, a role-playing action game. This one is a no-brainer for those who enjoy games like Dark Souls and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It promises to merge the two games’ respective gameplay and environment design strengths.

Fighting the Great Jar and its supporters is one of the game’s most difficult boss encounters. Defeating the Great Jar and its knights is a challenge for many players since they are both powerful creatures with high health pools and because the knights are both quick and aggressive.

This article provides detailed instructions on disposing of the Great Jar and its supporters in Elden Ring. We’ll use several methods, such as how to lure the knights over the edge of a cliff, to help you beat this problematic boss fight.

How do I kill the Great Jar in Elden Ring?

The Great Jar is an enormous monster with devastating attacks. Knowing its vulnerabilities and how it often attacks is essential for defeating it. Following these guidelines, you may learn how to overcome the Great Jar in Elden Ring.

  • Target its weak spots: Seek its vulnerabilities and exploit them for maximum effect; the Great Jar has numerous such vulnerable locations. These are its open eyes, mouth, and tentacles. The Great Jar has several potential weak areas, so it’s best to sneak up on it and strike when possible.
  • Avoid its attacks: Always try to dodge the Great Jar’s strikes since they are highly damaging. Stay behind the monster and use rolling or speed to avoid its strikes.
  • Use ranged attacks: The Great Jar may be damaged from a safe distance with ranged assaults such as spells or arrows. This will protect you from its strikes while allowing you to deliver maximum damage.
  • Summon allies: If you need aid in defeating the Great Jar, call your allies for assistance. In combat, you can call upon the aid of either human players or computer-controlled NPCs.

How to kill the Knights of the Great-Jar.

The knights that travel with the Great Jar are quick and aggressive, making them formidable foes. Yet, the natural landscape might be used to your advantage by luring your prey down a cliff. So, here’s what you do:

  • Find a cliff edge: Scan the area around the arena where the Great Jar is held. Exploring the area or searching for bright objects on the ground are common ways to locate them.
  • Bait the knights: When the knights begin their assault, use bait to lead them to the brink of the cliff. One strategy is running towards the edge and then swiftly ducking out of the way.
  • Wait for them to fall: You should wait for the knights to get near the cliff’s brink before attacking. If you can avoid them at the right moment, you can hurt them off the cliff’s edge.
  • Repeat as necessary: As often as required, lure the knights to the cliff’s brink and watch them leap to their deaths.

Bait the knights to fall off the cliff edge.

In Elden Ring, one of the best ways to beat the knights is to lure them over the edge of a cliff and kill them. This strategy allows you to inflict heavy damage on the knights without receiving any hits yourself. Adding to the above advice, here are a few other things to keep in mind when trying to lure the knights:

  • Use the terrain to your advantage: Find spots in the arena where the land gently slopes down to the cliff edge and use it to your advantage. Better your chances of victory by making it simpler to bait the knights.
  • Be patient: Wait for the right opportunity to strike; it may take some time to lure the knights over the cliff’s edge.
  • Keep moving: The knights are swift and aggressive, so you must constantly be on the move to avoid being hit. Use the setting to lure your pursuers ever closer to the precipice.
  • Use a shield: If you have a shield, use it to deflect the knights’ blows as you lure them closer to the precipice. Avoiding harm but still leading the knights to their doom is possible with this tactic.


Q: Is it possible to defeat the Great Jar without baiting the knights to fall off a cliff edge?

A: Without luring the knights in, you may still destroy the Big Jar. Yet, if you employ the cliff-edge tactic, you may find the process to be less taxing.

Q: What weapons are best for fighting the Great Jar and its knights?

A: To defeat the Big Jar and his knights, you’ll need weapons that can do heavy damage quickly. Use weapons with a powerful attack to immediately strike the beast where it is weak.

Q: Are there other strategies for defeating the Great Jar and its knights?

A: There are a number of ways to take down the Great Jar and his henchmen in Elden Ring. You may learn what weapons, spells, and strategies work best by trying them out and seeing what happens.


Elden Ring has a massive creature known as the Great Jar, who is defended by a group of knights. They’re formidable opponents, but you can prevail if you come up with a solid game plan. If you can get the knights to jump off a cliff, it will make attacking and dodging the Great Jar much simpler. You may win the game and advance to the next level by persistently attempting and never giving up on your strategy. If you found this post helpful, please let us know what you thought about it below!

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