Elden Ring: Should I commit a Cardinal Sin?

An forthcoming action RPG, Elden Ring is being created by FromSoftware and will be released by Bandai Namco Entertainment. This is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, according to critics. Elden Ring continues FromSoftware’s tradition of difficult and punishing games.

In Elden Ring, players will face many challenging choices, and one of them is whether or not to commit a Cardinal Sin. What happens if you make a Cardinal Sin in Elden Ring is the subject of this essay.

Can I Afford to Make a Serious Mistake in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, one of the many challenging decisions players must make is whether or not to commit a Cardinal Sin. When people commit Cardinal Sins, they commit grave transgressions against the divine will. Considered among the worst of crimes, they can have dire repercussions.

Each of Elden Ring’s six Cardinal Sins is linked to a different god. These are the six deadly sins:

  • Sin committed against Eostre, goddess of harvest and plenty.
  • Sin against Marika, goddess of holiness and cleanliness.
  • Pride is an offence against Erdtree, the deity of vengeance.
  • Disloyalty is an abomination to Alkaid, the deity of brotherhood and fidelity.
  • Those who deceive themselves are sinning against Nori, the deity of truth and knowledge.
  • The sin of envy is an affront to Glaive, the deity of riches and success.

The results of committing each sin are different. Choosing to commit a Cardinal Sin will alter the game’s narrative, controls, and conclusion.

What Happens If You Make One of Elden Ring’s Deadly Sins?

A Cardinal Sin carries grave repercussions in Elden Ring. The game’s plot and mechanics will shift substantially depending on the sin you choose to commit. What to anticipate is as follows:

  • Desecration – If you desecrate something holy, you’ll be cursed. The curse will gradually drain your health and make it impossible for you to recover from injuries. There is a condition that must be met before the curse may be broken.
  • Impurity – Sins of impurity stain those who commit them. There will be cosmetic changes to your character and restricted access to some NPCs.
  • Arrogance – You will lose Erdtree’s friendship if you fall into the prideful trap. The game’s plot will be altered as a result, and you’ll have to face up against Erdtree sooner rather than later.
  • Betrayal – Those who commit the cardinal sin of treachery will become the targets of Alkaid’s zealous followers. You’ll be hindered in your game progress if you do this.
  • Deceit – The sin of deception labels its perpetrators as dishonest. Due of this, gaining the trust of your characters will be challenging.
  • Envy – The sin of jealousy leads inevitably to gluttony. The game’s plot will be altered as a result, and you’ll have to face off against Glaive at a later point.


1. In Elden Ring, is it possible to undo the damage caused by committing a Cardinal Sin?

Indeed, there is a way to undo the damage done by committing a Cardinal Sin.

2. Would the game’s conclusion change if a player commits a Cardinal Sin?

The game’s resolution can be altered by committing a Cardinal Sin. There is no one, predictable outcome when it comes to sin.

3. Is it possible to commit a Cardinal Sin without suffering any repercussions?

Contrary to popular belief, there will never be no payback for committing a Cardinal Sin. On the other hand, certain effects may be more severe than others.

4. How can I keep from committing the Seven Deadly Sins?

Any of the Seven Deadly Sins may be avoided, but doing so may require you to make some tough decisions and give up some of the things you care about most.

5. Where do I stand on committing a Cardinal Sin while playing online with others?

It’s true that you can break a cardinal rule while playing with others online. But, this may change how other players respond to you and how they view your character.


In Elden Ring, one of the many challenging decisions players must make is whether or not to commit a Cardinal Sin. In game, committing a Cardinal Sin has dire repercussions that can change the course of events and even the game’s finale. A variety of results can be brought about by committing certain sins. When making a decision, players should think about the consequences of committing a Cardinal Sin.

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