How Do You Sell Fish in Black Desert Online?

As you know, black desert online is a video game that is fraught with several unknowns for its players, one of which is how to sell fish. If you are a new player and you don’t know how to sell the fish you caught at sea, you have arrived at the right place. This article aims to serve as a BDO where to sell fish guide that provides information on how and where you can sell your fish.

Only two categories of NPCs buy fish on BDO, and they are the trade managers and imperial fish traders. While trade managers buy every type of fish, the imperial fish traders buy only yellow grade and specific blue fish.

Trade Managers

You can find trade managers in every city, town, village, and farm in black desert online. They pay between 80% and 130% of the base value of the fish you intend to sell to them. You should note that the value of a fish is determined by its size and the amount of fish in your inventory.

Fish is a trade commodity in the game. Hence, you can bargain with the trade managers to get an increase, albeit a small one, in the value of the fish. Similar to other trade commodities, you can also acquire a distance bonus when you sell fish. This bonus is usually calculated from the node in the area where you caught the fish to the node in the area where you are selling it. Therefore, you may want to journey from the place where you caught the fish to distant locations before you sell them. For instance, if you have a considerable amount of green grade fish, you might want to go to Altinova, from Calpheon, before you sell them.

To locate trade managers, all you have to do is select Trade Manager in the top right section beside the minimap labeled “NPCs.”

Imperial Fish Traders

Unlike trade managers, imperial fish traders are rare and available in selected locations. This is primarily because they are unique, and they buy yellow grade and certain blue fish alone. Contrary to the low price paid by trade managers, imperial fish traders pay up to 250% of the fish’s value on purchase. This is sometimes up to three times the amount paid by trade managers.

Unfortunately, imperial fish traders don’t give trade distance bonuses for the fish they purchase as trade managers do. Hence, it would be best if you only went to the imperial fish traders closest to where you captured the fish.

As mentioned earlier, imperial fish traders are only available in specific locations, including Epheria Port, Velia, Glish, Valencia City, and Splashing Point.

You can find these traders on either the wharf or close to other NPC traders.

How Do You Sell Your Fish?

First, you have to sell all the top tier fish, that is, the blue and yellow grade fish in your inventory. Hence, you have to locate the imperial fish trader closest to you and sell all the fish you can. Thereafter, consider the amount of fish left and determine if they are valuable enough to travel a distance before selling them. In essence, determine if the 50% trade distance bonus you’d receive for traveling from Epheria Sea to the trader manager in Altinova is worth it.

If you find that it’s not worth it, you can sell them to the nearest local trader manager and then go back to sea to fish.

To sell your fish, proceed to the imperial fish trader or trader manager you want to trade with and press R. You’ll see the option that enables you to sell your fis

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