Salesforce Email Marketing Trends for 2022

Being relevant and curating content that is meaningful and up to date is crucial for the success of any business enterprise. To help you make the most of your campaign, we have compiled a list of some factors you can keep in mind that will help you engage your audience and meet desired results. We hope this helps!

Interact with Your Audience

Interactivity is one of the easiest ways to build a healthy and long relationship with your prospective audiences. In fact, in the past couple of years, many email marketers have relied on interactivity as their go-to strategy. The more a business interacts with its clients, the channel of communication between them becomes more effective. This ongoing communication allows the clients to see the brand through a more personal lens and not as a static entity. This strategy is fundamental if you want your clients to be interested in your brand. It will help you develop a loyal and supportive client base over time and generate new leads. You can build interactivity through many ways – there are forms, reviews, hotspots, ratings, and carousels. Asking customers for feedback is one of the best ways of maintaining communication. When subscribers engage with your content quickly, they will feel more positively about your business, making them more inclined to communicate.


Automation is only growing in demand and popularity, and it seems only natural that this is so since it makes email marketing so easy! If you automate your email campaigns, you can set them up once and forget about them as the process runs on its own and takes care of itself. The actions of subscribers trigger automation processes. You can direct the time and energy that you save towards other aspects of your business. If you feel like you need help with this aspect of your email marketing campaign, you can always enlist trained in the field.


Personalizing your emails can add that extra degree of interest to your campaign as it signals to your audience that you are genuinely interested in them. Personalization covers a wide variety of actions under its umbrella. Include the first name of your recipient in the email body, but don’t stop there! We suggest you do some research and find out their interests and preferences. As a result, you can equip yourself with this research as it will give you some insight into your clients’ buying patterns and help you understand the products and services you can create that will promote their interest in your brand. So, as you focus on personalization, make sure you pay attention to factors such as – staying relevant, being in-tune with and anticipating your subscribers’ needs. If you think the task is a bit tough, you can consider hiring salesforce experts as well.

Artificial Intelligence

Today marketers have a lot of customer data, but it is nearly impossible to go through it and make meaning manually. Your business will be better positioned to discern trends and understand patterns and correlations with AI that will help you monitor specific information about the subscriber related to the products and service and offer suggestions rather than plodding through multiple data sources. This aspect will free up a lot of your time and bring you valuable insight. Furthermore, you can dedicate what you have learned towards modifying your campaign to be more client-oriented and friendly and consider the expectations of a contemporary customer.


Many successful email marketing campaigns use segmentation to get the best results and subsequently group your audience members based on their specific common attributes. To ensure that your segmentation process allows for the best possible results, work on maintaining and updating your email lists periodically.

This list of people has chosen to stay in touch with you and receive information about marketing and related services. The more you control your email lists, the better you will neatly segment them to achieve your desired results. Segmentation can help you construct accurate customer journeys unique to the group and increase your marketing efficiency. It also allows you with the personalization process. You can create content that is specifically relevant to different sections of your audience. This factor is a much better accurate strategy than deploying emails to your entire list, which can often run the risk of your content becoming irrelevant.

Time it Well

The success of a campaign often depends on how well it has been timed. People live a busy and fast-paced life these days, so efficiency is all about capturing the attention of your target audience at the right time. In addition, many businesses have certain specific business hours when they deploy their emails which is largely guided by the content being shared. You can do your research to find out the best time to email your subscribers.

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