How to Prepare Your Mac Before Selling It

Are you planning to sell your MacBook? Before that, there are a few things you should do apart from backing up your data and wiping it out.

Step #1: Store all your data in a safe place

The very first thing you should do is to store all your data in a safe place – either backed up to the cloud or onto an external device. Make sure you learn this before you learn how to factory reset macbook pro because once you wipe your device, you can’t bring back the data.

You should be using Time Machine, an in-built feature on the Mac to back up your data to an external drive. Using Time Machine, you can back up your data effectively as it takes regular backups periodically. But you may want to clear the clutter on your device before you back up your data the first time.

The other and maybe slightly expensive option is to use iCloud. The subscription can get quite steep if you store large amounts of data over a long period of time. You can opt to use other cloud storage services like Drive in this case, but eventually, you will need a subscription to that as well.

Step #2: Remove authorization for apps

Some applications have two-factor authorization enabled. You want to remove that so that someone else can’t get into your account and you don’t get locked out of yours. The chances of someone knowing your password are rare, but if you end up giving it away to someone you know who may be able to guess your password, you can be in trouble.

Step #3: Wipe out your hard drive

Formatting your hard drive is a time taking process, but it has to be done. It is necessary because you do not want any sensitive information or any of your information really to still be left on the drive. The built-in function Disk Utility takes care of this formatting for you. You can find it if you look up “Disk Utility” on Spotlight.

Step #4: Do a clean reinstall

Cleaning out the hard drive also means your laptop won’t have an operating system anymore. You can sell your laptop as is because whoever ends up buying it can install the software themselves, but they may want to knock some dollars off the price. It is good if you can reinstall the OS.

You do not have to go all the way to set up your computer and just stop at the new user creation. If you are selling to someone you know, you can set it up for them and hand it over. In some cases, it is good to go through the entire setup process since some buyers may be skeptical about the condition of the laptop. You can show them how to delete that account once they purchase the laptop.

Step #5: Wipe down the computer

Apart from the internal decluttering and factory reset, you should also spend some time cleaning the exteriors. Get rid of all the dust and smudges from the laptop with a cleaning solution that is not harsh. You should not use water to clean your laptop. Pay special attention to the keyboard since that is where you see a lot of dust and other debris collecting.

Step #6: List your device online

If you are not selling it or giving it away to someone you know, you have to list your device online. First, find a website or a marketplace that is familiar so that you can create an account and navigate easily. You can also create a post on social media and have someone contact you if you want to keep things simple.

No matter what method you choose, you have to take photos where you can see your device clearly and the condition it is in. If you don’t have access to studio lighting, try taking a few pictures of it in natural light.

Step #7: Price it appropriately

Once you figure out where you want to list it, you have to think about an appropriate price. The resale value of a MacBook is good, so you can price it accordingly based on the make and model and year of manufacturing. If you are not sure, look at other laptops with a similar make and model and check the prices for those to get a better idea. You can also start off with a higher price and lower it if there are no takers after a few weeks.

All in all

Selling your laptop is pretty straightforward once you go through all these steps and find the right buyer. They may want to meet up and inspect the laptop, and you may have to go through this a few times, so keep that in mind.

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