Net Neutrality Already Backfiring On California Consumers

Some of the policies that don’t always work in other areas of the country are often tested in California. In 2018, the state put a plan in place regarding net neutrality. This meant that internet services would be accessible to as many people as possible and at an affordable rate, perhaps free for some customers. The goal at the time was to help those using internet services stand up to some of the larger companies so that they could be on a level playing field. However, this plan hasn’t worked quite as well as the state wanted it to work when it was developed.

Causing Trouble

Just a few months after challenges to the law were made, a block was made that would allow vets to be able to use their smartphones to access their health records and other healthcare details. While they can still utilize this service, vets could see that the access they need goes against the monthly limits that they have for their mobile devices, resulting in additional charges that they might not have the money to pay. Some of the laws that are in place pertaining to net neutrality might seem as though they would benefit customers because of more coverage and affordable rates, but this is often not the case. Some feel as though it would be better to have no laws than to have those with so many restrictions.

Basis of Net Neutrality

The overall goal of net neutrality is that internet connections should be treated as equally as possible. This would put an end to companies changing the speed of internet services or changing the fees associated with services simply because a customer has a different plan than someone else or might not have access to the same connection as someone else. The laws associated with net neutrality would try to regulate the internet service providers so that they don’t try to change speeds or charge more for the same services that multiple customers have for an internet connection.

Ways Neutrality Could Go Wrong

Internet service providers should offer access to all customers with the same terms across the board. However, net neutrality has made it difficult for some of the larger companies to stay ahead as they are competing with some of the smaller companies that have been able to offer lower rates along with the same connection. Some of the larger providers could try to slow down internet services in order to compensate for the money that has been lost, block some of the connections that are available, or charge customers more for the services that they have if they want to upgrade a plan.

Some states have looked at the net neutrality laws that are in place in California and have decided to make their own laws that are a bit easier to handle and that offer more benefits for consumers. Even though the intentions are good, the laws that are in place likely won’t stop providers from filtering some of the internet connections that are available. Content that consumers have access to isn’t all the same as some who have composed laws associated with net neutrality have found out. Although internet services might be available, some consumers might discover that the connection that they have is too slow for the tasks that they need to perform, resulting in spending more money to obtain a faster plan.

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