Key Considerations When Buying Car Mats

If you have bought a new vehicle recently, you are probably also looking to buy something to protect its interior from unwanted debris and dirt. With so many products and brands currently available, it can be quite the challenge to figure out what you really need. Fortunately, you are reading this guide, which is guaranteed to make things much easier.

Protection: Custom-Fit Vs. Universal-Fit

Let’s start with the types of car mats for sale that will offer your interior protection. It is important to understand that there are just 2 types, which are universal-fit and custom-fit mats; custom fit mats can also be differentiated by max coverage and semi coverage mats.

Universal-Fit mats:

  • Basic all-weather mats for protecting your vehicle’s floor, usually found at big box retailers.
  • One-size-fits-all with limited protection.
  • The most affordable option.

Custom-Fit Mats

  • Average coverage mats
  • Car mats are specific to your vehicle and follow the contours of your footwell and are usually found either at dealerships or third-party vendors.
  • Coast more than universal-fit mats.
  • Offer better protection and coverage compared to universal-fit mats, but the interior carpet is still slightly exposed.

Max Coverage Mats

  • Car mats designed to cover the entire floor of the cabin.
  • Extended vertical walls cover the maximum amount of carpeted area, providing a total protection package.
  • Comparable pricing to semi-coverage custom-fit mats.

Care: Maintenance and Cleaning

When choosing car mats, it is important to find a product that requires minimal cleaning effort, so that you can spend more time actually enjoying the vehicle.

Carpeted Mats

Instead of repelling water and mud, carpet usually absorbs it, which means that it can stain easily and produce a foul odor if left untreated. You will therefore need to have your carpeted mats regularly cleaned, which isn’t fun to say the least if you are a DIYer, otherwise you can hire a professional to take care of it for a cost.

Deep Crevice Mats 

Universal rubber mats are usually designed with deep crevices that prevent liquids from flowing, but puddles can easily form and look unpleasant after drying up. This can be an easier job for a DIYer, but it will be extremely time consuming to bring your mats back to their original state when you clean out the crevices.

Shallow Crevice Mats

Designed for easy cleaning, it is incredibly easy to clean these mats since you can easily shake off debris or wipe the mat clean. Restoring the mat to its original glory requires just minimal water. All you need is some water, a cloth, and then air dry.

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