Importance of Image in SEO and How to Do It Right

If you don’t know who image seo is, then this is the right post for you. Images are an important part of search engine optimization. The audience today is more attracted to the graphic content instead of words and so are the image search engines.

One of the important ranking factors for a website today is the availability of relevant images in it. Without images or other graphic content, a website is incomplete. There are many more reasons why an image can be helpful for best local SEO.

Still, instead of getting into the details of the reasons, we would suggest you read the importance of image SEO and how you can do it like a pro!

What is image SEO, and why is it considered to be important?

Image seo is known as the technique which can help you optimize the images on a website. You should know that this would include reducing the size of the image, using the right attributes, setting the right file names, adding proper image captions, and aligning the image with the web page.

In short, getting the picture ready for the internet is known as image SE optimization. If you are successful in making a proper image optimization, then you can surely help yourself in the following aspects:

  1. The site load time would decrease. You should know that a picture can increase the web page’s loading time, which is not good for the SERPs. Optimizing the image would reduce its size and would decrease the loading time.
  2. If you successfully optimize the images, you would surely take the image to a higher ranking position. Images have their rankings that you have to take care of.
  3. You will get positive user feedback and experience if you manage to optimize the image.
  4. Image optimization would help you make your content go viral!

How to do image optimization in the right way?

If you don’t have experience with image optimization, you have to make sure that you read this section. We have discussed the doing of image seo in the tractions below!

Focus on the relevancy of the image

Pictures relevant to the text you are working on would add more value to your website and would have a better position on the search engine. So you have to make sure that the images you are adding are relevant and unique with respect to the content you are working on. The problem with picking stock images from the web is that other people might have used them. Using the stock images without checking and authentication can result in image plagiarism. You can design an image by yourself, or you can also take help from Photo Search tools like! This reverse image search tool can help you find royalty-free and relevant images without much hassle!


Usually, people don’t name the images when they publish them. This is a common mistake made in image seo. You should know that Google is intelligent, but it cannot decide whether the images are relevant to your content or not until and unless you are adding a proper file name. We would recommend you add proper image names based on high authority keywords.

Read more about Google Page Experience guide.


Dimensions are an important part of search engine optimization. You should know that you have to make sure that you are adding images in high pixels for maximum user experience. A common issue here is that Google hasn’t issued any guidelines in this regard. Hence, people usually get confused while setting the image dimensions. We would recommend you use photos that can fit your page nicely. The proper setting would be not to leave any empty or white spaces around it.

Making the image mobile friendly 

When you are optimizing an image for a website, you have to make sure that it can be used on mobile phones and desktop systems. You should know that images can get distorted when they are opened on different devices. So you have to make sure that the images you are adding to your site are well-optimized for multiple devices.

Image Caption

Many people confuse image caption with image name. You should know that caption is not the name of the image. Rather it is the small text which is often placed at the side or the bottom of the image. This small text would usually define the image and its relation with the text it is attached to.

Image plagiarism 

Image plagiarism is a killer for SEO. You should always check your images for plagiarism before they ruin the credibility of your website. It doesn’t matter if you have published unique images in the first place, as people can steal your images from your site and use them in other places without you knowing about it. Image theft and plagiarism are getting very common these days. So we would suggest you make regular reverse image search on your contents so that you can find out if someone is using your images without permission. This is an important use of reverse image search!

If you focus on these aspects, then you can do image SEO in the right way!

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