How To Prepare a Floor Plan for The Movers?

Most people think that a floor plan is needed only when one has to choose an apartment, office, or home but do you know that a floor plan is also important for movers. It helps you to direct your movers as you know they are not familiar with your home therefore loading, unloading and settling in, and doing other things would be very difficult for them. A good floor plan helps the out of state movers to do all the tasks with ease.

But making a floor plan is a complicated task if you have not done it before. If you want to know a few tips for floor plans then these are a few tips for you. These tips will make your entire task easier and efficient. Check out these:

Measuring the space:

The first thing that you need to do when making a floor plan is to measure the space of your new house. Visit your future house and start measuring the length and width of each room. For accurate results make sure to take all the measurements against the wall and as near to the floor as possible. After noting all the measurements, you should draw all the rooms with accurate size on graph paper. By viewing the size of each room, you will be able to decide which room will be your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or dining area and thus your belongings will be placed accordingly. This helps you to settle in with ease.

Measure the furniture and location of installation of utilities:

Do measure the wall space along with the measurements of the room. This will allow you to fit the wall decor in your future house. It is important to measure the furniture pieces to know whether they will fit into the new house or not. To prepare a floor plan it is also essential that you note down note the places where the utilities such as ceiling lights, heating vents, electrical outlets, and cables will be fixed. A list of all these measurements will make the job of movers much easier. Taking measurements will make you realize which item can fit into your new space. Therefore, you will be able to determine the items that are worth shifting and the items which are to be purged out.

Design the layout:

After you are done with the measurements, now is the time to design the layout of your rooms. Furniture pieces are the one which determines the vibe and traffic flow of the space. With the help of measurements and a designed layout, you will be able to decide the placement of the furniture in the new house. Also, if the layout suggests getting new furniture according to the surroundings then you can get it before the reallocation. With the help of a floor plan, your movers will be aware that where the bulky items will be placed before unpacking everything. You can change the settling of furniture afterward but when moving you will be saved from shifting large and heavy furniture pieces on your own. The floor plan will help the movers to save their time as well as effort.

Think about the flow:

When you decide which furniture should be fit in, you need to consider the practicality of the room. Also, consider the traffic in the room. Of course, your new home will be different than the older ones, therefore, the connections from room to room will be different and you have to make the plan according to the traffic flow.

Considering other items:

Bulky furniture items are the most difficult to shift and thus one needs a proper plan for organizing these items. Shifting heavy and bulky items over and over again from one place to another is a very complicated task and you can easily avoid it. But apart from furniture, some other items are to be considered as well when preparing a floor plan. Measure plants, rugs, kitchenware, bathroom items, and other decor items you want to relocate, and then examine the space where these items can be placed in the new location. This will reduce the workload of the movers as they will know beforehand which item is to be placed where. They will simply follow the list provided by you and will place the items without any confusion.


Just imagine the scenario when you are arriving at your new home but you don’t have any floor plan for the belongings that were to keep these. Just imagine the things in your hands or the hands of movers and you are completely confused about where to keep these. But when you have a strategy in advance for all the things and have a proper plan in your hands then you can do everything with ease and more efficiently. By using the above tips, you can easily prepare a floor plan.

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