How Do You Make Undertale Fullscreen

Undertale is a video game that requires its players to fight or act through battles whilst they dodge magical attacks. This is in a bid to save a child who fell into an underworld that is chock-full of monsters.

In this game, every monster you face has a personality and specific attacks that are uniquely its own, and the common thing they share is the desire to stop you. However, if you defeat them, you can show them mercy; you can even go as far as to make friends of them.

Undertale is a very exciting game; it has a piece of high-quality background music as well as an excellent sense of humor. Unfortunately, many players cannot enjoy the game to its fullest because they cannot resize it and make it fill up their PC’s screen.

Luckily, this problem can be solved. In fact, there are multiple methods you can use to solve it; they apply to every device, so you can be sure there is something for you.

How to Make Undertale Fullscreen on Windows 7, 8, 10

There are different methods you can utilize to make Undertale fullscreen on your Windows computer. They are:

Method 1

Click the “F4” key – The F4 button is a function key. It is one of many function keys all of which are usually situated on the top row of your keyword. Typically, clicking on this button will render your game in fullscreen mode.

Method 2

Click the “FN” and “F4” keys together – If your F4 button did not do the trick, do not panic – there are instances where it cannot execute this function alone. In fact, many owners of HP systems complain that their programs don’t get rendered in fullscreen mode when they click on this button. Instead, a menu that asks if they want to “project” pops up.

If this happens to you, click on the F4 and FN keys simultaneously.

FN is a shortened form of “Function,” which is a modifier key in a computer. It temporarily alters the action of a particular key from its normal action when it is pressed together with that key. The FN key was incorporated into the laptop computer because it has a smaller keyboard, which means it has less keys than the desktop computer. As such, there is a need to compress all the keyboard keys into the limited available spaces.

Usually, the FN key is located in the bottom-left corner of a keyboard.

Method 3

Click the “Alt” and “Enter” keys together – If the above methods do not work, then try this. When you do this, you will be switching between the windowed and fullscreen mode of the game or program you are running.

How to Make Undertale Fullscreen on MAC

Similar to the Windows computer, the MacBook also has three methods you can use to make your Undertale game display in fullscreen mode.

Method 1

Press the Fullscreen Button – If you use a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, locate the green fullscreen button on the computer and press it.

If your MacBook does not have this button, check out the other methods you can use below.

Method 2

Click the “F4” key – You can also use the function key – F4 – on your Mac. You’ll find this key on the top row of your keyboard.

Method 3

Click the “CTRL” + “Enter” buttons together – Mac computers don’t have the “Alt” key, so you have to use the CTRL key instead.

Finally, you can enable certain settings in the game through the use of other controls. These controls are listed below.

  • Pressing Z + Enter will confirm an action.
  • Pressing X + SHIFT will cancel an action.
  • Pressing C + CTRL will lead you to the Menu.
  • Holding ESC will exit the Window you are currently on quit it.
  • Pressing F4 will display your program in fullscreen mode

How to Make All Games or Programs Fullscreen

Below is a method you can use to render any game as fullscreen. We hope they are of held to you.

  • Go to the game or program’s settings – You can do this by going to options.
  • Click on Menu.
  • Then, click on settings. (You should note that you can only do this from within the game.)
  • Thereafter, select Fullscreen on (or off, depending on your choice).


That’s it! Making your Undertale fullscreen is an easy endeavor. You do not have to go through a complex process to do it successfully. And with this guide, we hope you will be able to solve this problem and enjoy your incredible video game to the fullest.

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