How To Find A Free Screen Recording Service: 8 Features To Look For

Screen recording allows you to record what’s happening on the screen and makes it easier to follow. The recording includes movement of the cursor that makes it easier to deliver instructions, share knowledge, and describe problems. There are several free screen recording services available on the Internet. Here are eight features to look for in the screen recording service.

Record, Edit, and Share Videos

The main objective of selecting a screen recording service is to record and edit videos. You often do not want to upload the raw video to your blog or video-sharing website. You want to remove the unwanted sections of the video to reduce the file size and make the narrative more compelling.

The screen recording service should allow you to record and edit videos on the platform. It will save time as you don’t need to transfer videos to storage devices or computers; use video editing software to trim videos and upload them again. Imagine the number of efforts and time saved when you have a recording and editing feature in one place.

Video creators create content to share on various channels and platforms like websites, email, and social media platforms. The free screen recording service should offer easy sharing tools that allow video creators to share their videos by copying and pasting the video link across various platforms. It should also allow you to export videos to YouTube, GSuite, and other platforms without any hassle.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics plays a vital role in improving the efficiency and accuracy of marketing campaigns. The screen recording service should provide video insights like video views, video watch rate, play rate, retention rate, and share rate.The video analytic tools will help marketers measure the impact of videos in different geographical locations and know the exact traffic sources.

Video Personalization

Personalization has become an important element to increase the effectiveness of video marketing. The screen recording service should allow users to create Account-Based Marketing videos to reach and influence their target audience.

The ABM strategy is considered a potent marketing tool. It allows you to run personalized campaigns to engage each target account on specific attributes and needs of the target account.

The screen recording service should allow various personalization options to move your customers faster from different awareness stages to the decision stage.

Video Email

Video email marketing is a simple and powerful way to communicate with customers. As per recent marketing statistics, marketers get 60% more solid leads when using video marketing. The screen recording service should allow you to embed videos directly in an email that will help increase views.

Markup Tools and Annotation

Markup tools are important to draw viewers’ attention to important information. The screen recording service should offer a highlighter tool that will allow you to change the colors of the text or section of the video as per your preference. The recording software should also allow you to erase highlights at any point in the video.

Annotations refer to clickable videos and text to encourage viewers to take action at specific times in your video. The screen recording service should offer annotation tools to encourage prospects to take desirable actions while watching videos.

Video Security

Getting videos out there does not mean losing control of the videos you created. The screen recording service should offer version controls, production access controls, and a secure video development process.

The platform should also allow role-based access to the content you create or upload on the platform. The data in transit or storage should be encrypted to prevent unauthorized access and distribution of the video content.

Video Hosting

The screen recording service should also have a video hosting feature. It will allow you to make your video live to your target audience without juggling multiple tools.

The platform should give you complete control over who can access or view your videos. It should allow you to set user permissions and give each user permissions as per their preferences. The video hosting feature should transcode video resolutions according to Internet speed and allow users to watch videos without ads.

Testimonials, CTA, and Forms

Advertising is a two-way street. The platform should allow businesses to share videos and allow businesses to record customers’ testimonials. The platform should allow customers to record their feedback without registering with the screen recording service.

The screen recording service should allow users to add engaging lead generation forms inside the video. It should allow businesses to capture user name, email address, contact number, company number, etc.

To sum up, these are features you need to look for when selecting a screen recording service for your business.

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