Internet Censorship: How To Bypass It?

Let’s face it!

The future is digitalization.

We are already living in a cyber society where people are more concerned about what’s happening online than in the real world.

In the digital-driven world, data is everything. It is the most important asset that affects people’s decision-making capabilities. The internet offers us the opportunity to have all the data and information at our fingertips.

With so much data available to use, people with wrong intent can take advantage of it.

So, securing cyberspace is a shared responsibility of every individual.

While you are online surfing the internet or downloading movies from torrent websites like thepiratebay, it becomes important to protect your identity. You, of course, won’t want your personal information leaked out to a stranger online.

This article has discussed the importance of internet censorship and how you can bypass it if needed.

What Is Internet Censorship?

Internet censorship refers to the restriction on the content in the digital world. Internet censorship is most often enacted by governmental bodies, and if needed, ISP also enacts censorship from time to time.

As we have already said, internet censorship is meant to restrict certain content to certain audiences.

For instance, you wouldn’t want school children to view explicit content. Or, workers spend most of their time surfing Google instead of focusing on their work.

Why Is Internet Censorship Important?

Should the Internet Be Censored?

It is the most asked question in recent times. The Internet has become a growing source of entertainment and communication. As the popularity of the internet grows, the capacity of its content is also growing rapidly.

The Internet being a virtual space, people are free to do so. That means even the things that might be considered a crime in real life. Seeing the negative potential of the internet, many nations have implemented internet censorship.

This include:

  • Protection of children from explicit content.
  • Political repression of dissidents.
  • Restriction on illegal downloads.
  • Human rights activists.
  • Protection of intellectual property.

The censorship of the internet filters the inappropriate information online to protect and prevent any email spamming.

You can say that internet censorship is not limited to the physical preservation of the people. It is also the force and guidance in the values of nations.

Ways To Bypass Internet Censorship

While talking about bypassing internet censorship, there are many methods to do so. Here we have listed down a few common methods users use to bypass internet censorship.

1. VPN

A cost-effective solution to bypass internet censorship is using VPN services. VPN services let your connection pass through an encrypted tunnel that encrypts your original IP address, thereby making your digital footprints invisible.

If you cannot access a website or cannot open content, VPN services will help you solve the problem with ease.

2. Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are yet another method to bypass internet censorship. They are the mirror website of the parent website, having almost similar domain names. If a particular website is being censored in your region, you can visit their proxy server to access the same content present on the parent website.

Although they might help you bypass internet censorship, a proxy server is not as reliable as a VPN or as functional as DNS servers.

3. DNS Server

DNS servers are the key to the internet’s ability to function. A DNS server gives every device that connects with the internet an IP address. These IP addresses become the identifiers for the devices.

It is the DNS servers that are responsible for regional blocking or banning of a particular website or content. Luckily, there are open or free DNS servers that allow users to directly access the control panel, enter the IP address manually, and access the content.


Internet censorship is there for a reason, and you must respect that. But that doesn’t mean it is right. There are times when you need access to valuable content for educational purposes but cannot access it because of internet censorship. In that case, you can use these methods to bypass internet censorship.

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