How To Be More Productive At Work 

Do you constantly struggle to get work done? Below are a few tips on getting your A-game back on.

Organize Your Workspace

The first step to getting your groove back is to work on (organize) your workspace. Whether sharing the space/office with a colleague or not, it is time to organize everything. Clean the space and try to make it as orderly as possible. Be sure to keep everything required in your line of work clean, organized, and within reach. This will help eliminate time wasted searching through a pile of rubble on our desks.

Add Live Plants or Pops of Color

Most office setups aren’t designed to elevate your mood. While many adopt a neutral theme, this doesn’t help the employee’s mood and creative mind either. Adding color to the office space can positively impact your mood and productivity. According to Jenny Gauld, an interior designer, using specific colors in your workplace can influence accuracy and productivity. Blue hues, for example, produce a calm feeling – great for focus and concentration. On the other hand, Red improves one’s attention to detail and accuracy. Adding live plants in the workplace can have both effects but is mainly used to help fight stress and improve productivity.

Add Decorations to The Workspace

Introducing personal items to the workspace can also help keep you motivated. According to Gauld, adding a family portrait, career memorabilia (awards, diplomas, etc.), and other sentimental items can help. You, however, might want to check with your employer before bringing such to the workplace.

Start With the Most Challenging Tasks

Although most of us prefer to start the day with the most straightforward task while pushing harder ones back, starting with the stricter tasks with your mind still fresh can save you lots of time and stress. Pushing challenging tasks to the last minute will only make them seem more challenging than they are. Make a habit of doing away with the challenging tasks first, then continue with easier ones. If possible, create a to-do list starting with the toughest ones, then sliding easier ones in between. This should see you handle more than you previously did.

Learn To prioritize And Delegate Tasks.

Although you might be determined to tackle every task, your productivity could improve if you learned to prioritize and delegate some tasks. Manage time effectively with Focus on tasks that add value to your position and company, and delegate or outsource the rest. Outsourcing some of these tasks will help free up valuable time to focus on more critical tasks.

Avoid Key Distractors

Frequent email and message notifications chime on your computer or phone can be distracting. You’ll often want to check out the notification or reply to the message/email between essential tasks. Avoid this by turning off all non-essential notifications and dedicating your tea/lunch break to checking and responding to emails and messages. This will allow you to focus on your work, thus improving productivity.

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