Everything You Need To Know About Sneaker Botting

The pandemic has given people many opportunities to rethink their lives and current occupations. Roughly 33 million Americans had their jobs in 2021. This event has been dubbed, “The Great Resignation of 2021”. Therefore, it is not surprising for people who have quit their jobs or still working to explore different side hustles.

If you’re one of those people, it’s your lucky day! Sneaker flipping or reselling has become one of the most profitable side hustles out there with the help of sneaker botting, which utilizes the excellent automation capabilities of a sneaker botting proxy. Sneaker reselling has become much easier to get started with.

In this article, you will learn everything about sneaker botting, what it is, why it’s useful, and the top 3 benefits. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is a Proxy? And Why Should I Use It?

A sneaker botting proxy is a proxy explicitly made for sneaker botting and for accessing sneaker websites. This is excellent news because it means using a good sneaker proxy for botting. You can access automation features where you would otherwise perform manually demanding tasks.

Each device that’s connected to the internet has a unique IP address. And this IP address is tracked by most of the websites you access. However, sneaker websites are wary about people buying in bulk, especially if it’s from the same person. It can get very suspicious if you are buying 100 sneakers in bulk from the same IP address.

This is where a proxy comes into play. With the use of a sneaker botting proxy, you get access to many features such as anonymity, security, and speed. A proxy essentially acts as the intermediary or the middle man between your connection and the internet.

This means that when you use a proxy, your IP address will be different from your original IP address. Which gives you anonymity and the ability to buy in bulk because the sneaker website you’re accessing won’t realize you’re buying from the same IP address because they see different IP addresses everytime you buy.

Top 3 Benefits of Sneaker Botting Proxies

Getting In front of the Virtual Line

Picture this, there’s a new pair of sneakers that’s limited edition. You want to resell it. You want to get it. But it’s a limited edition. Therefore, people will be lined up and waiting to get it. Most stores have a physical line, but if you’re ordering online sometimes this can be the case as well. Virtual lines are similar to “queues,” and there’s a way to give yourself a higher chance of getting this new pair.

With the use of a sneaker botting proxy, you can set up multiple accounts with different IP addresses to wait in the queue and depending on how many proxies you have. You can theoretically have thousands.

Bypass Geographical Restrictions

Picture this, not only is the sneaker limited edition, but it’s also limited to certain countries. Ouch! When there is a discount or a limited-edition launch, some businesses restrict access to only a few regions. And it’s usually to regions that have the largest market and are most likely to buy in first.

Businesses do this in hopes of creating enough initial revenue to further push the product in the official launch. Therefore, the pre-official launch of a pair of sneakers is much more valuable and rare.

But what if you don’t live in the region it’s restricted to? Fear no more! You can use a sneaker botting proxy to “virtually” login to the country it’s limited to. Therefore, you can order as normal and not have to worry about region-locked sneakers.

This can also be useful for region-locked sales or discounts. For example, if there is a discount in a particular region, you can simply set your proxy there and purchase from that region. This way you save tons of money especially if you’re ordering in bulk.

Anonymity / Security

In the event of limited-edition pairs, brands usually enable one person to add a single pair to their basket in order to make things easier for everyone. That’s a wonderful thing for them, but for a sneakerhead or reseller who wants it all, it’s a bad thing. You may mask your IP address and use another’s to order your second or third pair of sneakers by using a proxy. No one will be able to connect it to you.


In conclusion, you now know what a sneaker botting proxy is, what it’s used for, why it’s useful, and the top 3 benefits that can help you in your sneaker reselling side hustle journey.

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