Can I Swim in Elden Ring? A Comprehensive Guide to Water in the Game

Fans have been waiting impatiently to dive into Elden Ring’s enormous and enchanting universe since it is one of the year’s most talked-about games. Several users have been curious about the game’s swimming mechanics. In most open-world games, water is a regular fixture because of the depth it brings to the action. Find out if you can swim, dive, or even walk on water at Elden Ring and more in this in-depth article!

Can I Swim in Elden Ring?

To put it briefly: no, swimming in Elden Ring is not allowed. The game has no swimming controls, and players can’t get anywhere near bodies of water. This may be a bit of a shock for players accustomed to the swimming systems in games like Breath of the Wild and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

How to Swim in Elden Ring

Players may be let down by Elden Ring’s absence of swimming mechanics, but they must remember that this game is fundamentally different from others in the open-world genre. Players will need all their cunning and ability to make it through Elden Ring’s harsh realm. There are no swimming controls because the developers wanted to emphasize the game’s sense of peril and uncertainty.

Also, technological constraints prevent swimming mechanics from being implemented in Elden Ring. The game’s expansive environment has detailed level design and sophisticated Intelligence for its enemies. Due to the high amount of time and effort required to implement swimming mechanics, other features may have to be sacrificed.

Can You Drown in Elden Ring?

Indeed, Elden Ring is a dangerous place to go under. Too much time underwater will cause harm to your character, and eventually, they will perish if you don’t surface. Keep an eye on your character’s breath meter to ensure they don’t drown. If you go underwater, you’ll see a meter like this one, which indicates how much air you still have. Please remember to surface before the meter runs out. Otherwise, you will begin incurring damage.

What Happens When You Swim Too Far?

You will reach the end of the game world if you swim far enough away from the beach or any other land. If this occurs, a notification will appear, alerting you that further progress is impossible. The player’s character will be forced back towards the beach if they continue swimming until they hit an unseen wall.

Can I Walk on Water in Elden Ring?

Walking on water is a common trope in many fantasy games, and Elden Ring is no exception. However, walking on water in Elden Ring is not as simple as it may seem. Here are some things you need to know about walking on water in Elden Ring:

How to Walk on Water in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Water Walking Boots are required equipment for traversing wet terrain. You may walk on water for a limited period while wearing these boots. The Water Walking Boots may be obtained from many different places worldwide. Once you get them, please wear the boots and enter the pool. At that point, you’ll get temporary superpowers, like walking on water.

Can You Swim Underwater in Elden Ring?

Indeed, Elden Ring allows underwater swimming. Discover the world under the waves and hunt for lost riches. Nevertheless, remember that your breath meter will start diminishing, and you will drown if you run out of breath.

What Happens When You Walk too Far on Water?

When exploring Elden Ring, if you tread water for too long, you will approach the edge of the map. If this occurs, a notification will appear, alerting you that further progress is impossible. Yet if you keep walking, you’ll hit an unseen wall and be forced back towards the beach.

Can I Dive in Elden Ring?

Several open-world games feature diving as a pleasant and immersive pastime. Underwater exploration is available in Elden Ring, and swimmers are encouraged to do so. For anyone interested in diving in Elden Ring, the following information is required:

How to Dive in Elden Ring?

The Diving Mask is required to dive in Elden Ring. You can go underwater for a short period while wearing this mask. The Diving Mask may be discovered all across the game world. Put on the mask and enter the water as soon as you can. Then you may go underwater and see what’s under there!

Can You Find Treasure Underwater in Elden Ring?

Indeed, Elden Ring’s undersea treasures are natural. Treasure chests and other buried relics can be found all over the seafloor. As you succeed in eliminating the aquatic threats, you may also discover valuable things and equipment.

What Happens When You Dive too Deep in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, there is a moment when your character cannot progress any further. In such a case, a notification will appear informing you that further progress is impossible. If you keep plunging, your character will take damage and perish.


Q: Can I swim in any body of water in Elden Ring?

A: Yes, you can swim in any body of water in Elden Ring, including lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Q: Can I swim faster in Elden Ring?

A: No, there is no way to swim faster in Elden Ring. Your movement speed in the water is limited to your character’s natural speed.

Q: Can I use weapons underwater in Elden Ring?

A: Yes, you can use weapons underwater in Elden Ring. However, some weapons may be less effective underwater than on land.


To sum up, water is an essential part of Elden Ring, and there are many things to do near and on it. Elden Ring is an excellent location for water sports enthusiasts. But oversee your oxygen levels so you don’t pass out. It would be best if you had known better can and cannot do in the water of Elden Ring now that you have read this article. Have fun going somewhere!

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