Minecraft: What Is the Best Y Level For Finding Netherite

Millions of people all over the world like playing Minecraft. This is a game about adventuring, making your own way, and staying alive. Mining is a crucial part of the Minecraft experience.

In order to progress through the game, players will need to mine a variety of materials. In Minecraft, Netherite is one of the most valuable materials. Netherite is a very precious and uncommon resource that can only be acquired from the Nether.

The topic, “What is the ideal Y level for locating Netherite in Minecraft?” will be answered in this article.

What Is Netherite?

Let’s talk about what Netherite is before we get into the ideal Y level for discovering it in Minecraft. Netherite is more precious than diamond because of its rarity and strength. It may be used to make tools and armour that are stronger and more long-lasting than those made from diamond. Netherite is a rare and valuable mineral that can only be mined in the Nether.

How to Find Netherite in Minecraft?

The Nether is the only place in Minecraft where you can locate Netherite. Netherite scrap can only be obtained in the Nether, and it is only dropped by uncommon monsters. Ruined doors and Bastion ruins are good places to look for Netherite shards. When you have enough Netherite scrap, you can make Netherite ingots by smelting them down with gold ingots at a crafting table. When the ingots have been cast, tools and armour may be made from the netherite.

What Is the Best Y Level for Finding Netherite in Minecraft?

Netherite can only be obtained through indirect means, so keep in mind that you can’t go and mine it yourself in the Nether. Instead, you’ll need to look for old artefact fragments that can be smelted down into Netherite scraps. You may make Netherite ingots by melting down these bits of metal and adding them to gold bars.

While venturing into the Nether, it’s always preferable to start from the bottom. The Nether Waste biome is suitable for this because of its flat landscape and easy visibility of any nearby lava pools.

You should construct your Nether portal as close to the surface of the Earth as possible to increase your chances of success. This will lead you to the lowlands of the Nether, where old relics are more likely to be located.

If you’ve located a good site, dig down in a stair-like style until you reach the Y level of 13 to 17. Digging straight down might lead you to a lava pit, so be careful!

Time to start digging into the Netherrack for relics of the past! You’re free to employ whatever mining technique you see fit; but, the world is covered with lava, so proceed with caution.

While bed mining is the most effective approach, it also poses a somewhat higher danger than strip mining, which is why it is not the preferred method. Choose the approach that suits you most, and good luck mining!

Tips for Finding Netherite in Minecraft

Here are some tips for finding Netherite in Minecraft:

  • Mining is a lengthy process, so make sure to stock up on food.
  • In order to mine more quickly, you need bring a high-efficiency pickaxe.
  • TNT may be used to swiftly clean away big regions, but it should be used with caution so as not to destroy any old rubble blocks.
  • If you want to mine more ground and locate more ancient trash blocks, go in a straight path.


Q: Can you find Netherite anywhere in the Nether?

No, you can’t get Netherite anywhere else save ancient trash blocks, which appear between Y=8 and Y=22.

Q: How rare is Netherite in Minecraft?

Because of its rarity, netherite must be mined, therefore be prepared to put in some time.

Q: Is Netherite better than diamond in Minecraft?

The answer is yes; Netherite is more robust and long-lasting than diamond.


In conclusion, if you want to locate Netherite in Minecraft, the optimal Y level is between between 8 and 22. Rare and precious Netherite can only be uncovered in the Nether, in old rubbish blocks. Following the advice in this article, you should be able to locate Netherite in Minecraft. Have lots of food on hand, use caution with TNT, and a high-efficiency pickaxe. It is worthwhile to seek out netherite because of how important it is to your character’s development.

In addition, you should know that mining is the only way to get Netherite, and that it is notoriously difficult to locate. The effort is well worth it, though, because Netherite is one of the game’s toughest resources.

Last but not least, once you’ve extracted some Netherite, you should use it to forge Netherite versions of your diamond weapons and armour. The use of Netherite weapons and armour will allow you to defeat more formidable foes and advance through the game’s most perilous regions.

Even though it’s not easy, it’s well worth the trouble to seek out Netherite in Minecraft. Between Y=8 and Y=22 is optimal for locating Netherite. You should be able to discover this precious resource and strengthen your equipment by following the advice in this manual. Successful mining to you!

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