Best Chrome Extensions for A Productivity Boost

Google Chrome becomes the most popular browser worldwide since it was released in 2008. Chrome, which is supported by Google, also offers some of the greatest productivity extensions for you to utilise. Chrome’s browser extensions let you improve productivity, cut down on interruptions, and find information all from the convenience of your browser. However, it may be overwhelming for you to find reliable ones with more than 100,000 extensions to choose from.

So, here’s a list of the best chrome extensions that would surely give your productivity a boost like never before.

Google Keep

If you want to have all your data organised, Google Keep is excellent Chrome extension to use. Its primary purpose is to assist you in taking notes and creating to-do lists, but you may also store photos and documents to which you can later leave comments. You may even write things down by simply recording voice memos that are later transcribed.

Plus, you can use Google Keep to create location-based reminders for all your memos and lists. Simply create a list of all the data you need to remember and set up a location-based alert in Google Keep, so that your list appears immediately the moment you arrive at the destination.


If you possess a touchscreen laptop or a 2-in-1 tablet laptop, the chances of distraction can be even higher than usual. As a result, you may need a tool that tells and monitors your online browser to keep the distractions from your actual responsibilities at bay, and that is where RescueTime comes in handy. RescueTime is an extension for your Chrome that helps you with automated time monitoring to your online browser.

This helpful tool runs in the background on your PC and keeps track of where you spend your time online. Then, it measures how much time you spend on specific sites and automatically classifies them as ‘Very Distracting’ or ‘Very Productive.’ You can also begin establishing objectives and making efforts to match your time with your true priorities after you get an objective stance over how you spend most of your time within Chrome.


Have you ever attempted to browse the internet in peace only to be interrupted by obnoxious pop-up ads? One incorrect click on them would take you to incredibly upsetting and distracting information, wasting your time and energy. Ads may also attempt to launch many tabs at once, causing your browser to freeze, as well as installing harmful spyware or viruses on your computer. Fret not, Adblock allows you to bypass and block all types of annoying advertisements on any website.

You can even turn off the ads that cannot be skipped on websites such as Facebook and YouTube. AdBlock also prevents viruses, ad blockers, and marketers from accessing your browser history and stealing your personal details. The best part is that Adblock reduces its time for a website to load. Some advertisements employ flash material, which slows down web pages; hence, disabling them improves performance.


Have you ever been irritated at work by disturbing noises? With the help of Noisli, you can suppress them by playing soothing noises and tunes in the background. Noisli is a Chrome plugin that aims to help you be more productive when working on your laptop. Simply select the sound combination that inspires you the most to improve your attention to the work at hand.

Some of the best sounds will help you improve productivity and give you calmness, such as the sound of rain, coffee shop talk, white noise, and more. The sound library is vast, and you may mix and match as many as you like. Noisli is particularly handy if you work in an open workplace and are inclined to be distracted by background noises. Turn on the extension, select a sound mix, and plug in your earphones.


Kami is the most excellent tool for annotating and marking up PDFs and documents. This plugin enables you to markup, comment, or even annotate on any area of existing documents on the disc or your local system. Markup tools, Sketches, and the comment box are all supported by Kami. Common shapes like a triangle or a square can also be inserted using this method. Kami has a drawing tool that allows you to sketch the document and mark it up as needed easily. It also supports text to speech, where it reads the material on the document aloud for you.

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