Best Betting Apps For Horse Racing

Horse racing betting enthusiasts will find lots of information at This information will help them in selecting the best horse racing betting apps as well as know how they can go about placing their bids for their favorite horses. In this article, we will give a comprehensive analysis of the best five betting apps that you are likely to find in the top 10 horse racing betting sites.

They include:

  • Paddy Power app
  • Betway Sports
  • BetVictor app
  • Bet365 app
  • Betfair Exchange

Paddy Power app

Paddy Power sports betting app has been getting droves of betting enthusiasts as they try their luck in horse racing betting. Bettors describe the betting platform as a brilliant bookmaker with one of the reasons being its ability to offer live stream horse races including the most popular ones in the United Kingdom and Irish horse racing events. One thing that has attracted bettors into the app is the fact that the live stream is available for free even to those who have not to place their bets.

The clarity of the Paddy Power app horse racing live stream has also been hailed by bettors as a reason why they have chosen it over many others in the market. It gives a great experience with some saying that it even exceeds the clarity of the picture that one may get when watching it using a desktop platform especially when the phone is placed in a landscape position.

It is not just the clarity of the picture that makes the Paddy Power get a slot in the top 10 horse racing betting sites, the ease of navigation also puts it at the top of the best horse racing betting apps. There is also great content that bettors who are looking for advice can gain from not forgetting the special offers that wagers get regularly.

The experience that is offered at Paddy Power as one of the horse racing betting apps iPhone makes all horse racing betting enthusiasts never want to miss the action. It currently has an Appstore rating of 4.7 which is almost a five-star rate meaning it is one of the best horse racing betting apps on iPhone. At Play Store rating of 4.5 out of more than fifteen thousand reviews that have been done by users of the app.

Betway Sports

Rated among the best Hungarian sports betting sites Betway app is a great contender in the category of the best horse racing betting apps. It is around betting app horse racing that offers streaming for all the big events including the United Kingdom, Irish, and a host of international racing events.

The most interesting thing is that all this action is available for free but only to those punters who have a positive balance in their account or those who have an open bet with the bookmaker. It is also hailed by punters who like horse racing promotions and daily specials. Its ratings in the Appstore are pretty good. Out of more than twenty thousand ratings, it has a score of 4.7, making it one of the best picks for a horse racing betting app iPhone.

Bet Victor app

Like Betway Sports app Bet Victor is preferred by punters for its live streaming of the most popular horse racing events across the world. However, unlike Paddy’s app, the action is not available for free; one must have a positive balance and at the same time have placed a bet in the last twenty-four hours. When it comes to security, as the best horse racing betting app, it rates highly as it has put a two-factor login as well as a touch login for those phones which support this security feature.

Punters rate it as among the secure platforms. Its ease of navigation has also influenced its high rating in both Appstore and Playstore where it has been rated 4.6 and 4.1 respectively. Punters who are looking for great experience in horse racing betting find the app straightforward.

Bet 365 app

Bet365 is considered one of the best Hungarian sports betting sites and when it comes to horse racing, it is not badly off although it is facing great competition as far as top 10 horse racing betting site are concerned. Just like the other three horse racing betting apps, Bet365 offers punters a great experience when it comes to live streaming of the horse racing events. It has a wide coverage as punters can live stream a variety of events including the UK, French, South America, Irish, and Australia.

However, this does not come for free as the punters must have bet for 50 or 25 pence each way on the outcome. What punters love about the live stream that is offered as the Bet365 app is that it has a high caliber quality. Users are also notified on time when the horse will be going down in their location. More information about the race is also provided including the results for those who may not be in a position to catch the event live.

Betfair exchange app

This is a horse racing betting app that punter who is into laying and backing horses find useful. The app is known to offer a remarkable experience as it presents all the required information without having to overcrowd the screen. All the features that punters get when they use the Betfair Exchange desktop are available in the app. This includes live streaming, which punters describe as superior to many that are in the market.

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